Is There UK Legislation That Would Wipe Out My Debts If I Have A Serious Mental Health Disorder?

“Dear Jon,

I have had bi polar disorder since the age of 14. Through manic and down stages and also mixed affective states i have got myself terribally into debt. Most debts i cant even remember. I am now 30yrs old and am wondering whether under the mental health act or some other legislation i could fully get my debts written off? I live in the UK. I am not in a position to pay the debts off.

Is there some kind of legislation or law that would wipe my debt as i have a serious mental health disorder?”

To my knowledge there is no legislation for this, and the Mental Health Act deals more with the diagnosing and detaining, or “sectioning”, of someone with a mental illness.

You could consult a solicitor for a legal perspective on this; such as the contract for the loan or credit card, is not binding due your condition. From my experience, this usually doesn’t work.

Which leaves the option of insolvency, just going bankrupt. Depending on the amount of debt you have, and your full situation, bankruptcy is a way to be relieved of the debts, or possibly a debt relief order.

How much debt do you have?

Do you own any property?

Are you working at all?

Let me know and we can look at this in more detail.

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