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Can I Get Out of Debt Being Bipolar, Suicidal, Mentally Ill and on Disability? – David

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I have a mental illness. I had mental illness all my life. In fact, in 2008 I wrote a suicide email and emailed it to local news station. In 2009, I was diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder and ADHD. In 2010, I borrowed a lot of money to remodel the house. The first mortgage on mom’s house was paid off.I ... Read More »

Adult Baby Continues To Receive Social Security Benefits – Fraud Allegations Dropped


Stanley Thornton, Jr. was featured, not too long ago, on an episode of National Geographic’s television show, “Taboo” where his life of living as an Adult Baby was showcased. When I first came across this news story I immediately thought of an episode of CSI I had seen once of an adult man living his life as a baby due ... Read More »

Schizoaffective with Bipolar Disorder on DMP with Money Management International. – Jarrett

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“Dear Steve, Last night I had vivid nightmares about my debt. I woke up and my first thought was to post here because I can’t handle this anymore. I am tired of the pressure of being in debt. Truthfully, I only have $8,500 in debt, am 26 years old, and am unemployed. I have a legitimate disability, am schizoaffective with ... Read More »

How Do I Get Out of Bipolar Debt If No One Will Hire Me? – Brandi

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“Dear Steve, I am a graduate student who is currently looking for a job and can’t get one due to my bad credit. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 3 years ago and this was about when my finances took a downturn. I have a hard time finding worthwhile jobs because of my credit and it’s a catch-22 because how ... Read More »

I’m Currently Reading Your Book How to Eliminate Debt Like a Pro and Have a Question. – Julie

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“Dear Steve, Hello. I am currently reading one of your books eliminate your debt like a pro. Here is my situation. I have debt mostly school debt. I ended up being sick in the hosptial half way through college with bipolar. I went to school in order to get health insurance. Now I have tons of debt that I owe ... Read More »

I Worked For You, Remember Me? I’m Now Bipolar and in Debt. – Victoria

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Victoria “Hey Steve, I worked for you in 97-98. Blue haired IT Girl? =} Anyway, things are pretty not cool. I need to sign up for a program or something, but I’m not even sure that is possible. I’ve learned some things, since 97 and 98. I’ve learned that I am bipolar, and have a pretty bad anxiety disorder. Later ... Read More »

I Already Have Bipolar and Clinical Depression Disorders With Panic Attacks and Now Debt. – Kilandra

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“Dear Steve, Credit card debt after being divorced, unable to work, no income, but paying the minimum on it. I need out, it’s stressing me too much and hurting my health more, when I already have bipolar and clinical depression disorders. I used the sale of my car to pay off the one, but I am still $7000 in debt. ... Read More »

Meet Paul: LendingClub.com Borrower Taking Control of Debt Influenced by His Bipolar Condition


Since I heard about Lending Club, I have been fascinated with the concept and its potential to allow anybody help others with personal loans that will get them out of debt. I became a lender on Lending Club a couple of months ago and have since chipped into more than 40 loans already. I asked Lending Club if I could ... Read More »

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