How Do I Get My Student Loans Forgiven Because of My Mental Health Issues?

Question: Dear Steve, I have severe bipolar depression that always causes me to have mental breaks whether I’m taking medication or not. I have had to be admitted to the hospital quite a few times throughout my entire life. It’s something I have had since I was 7 years old. I also have student loan … Read more

I Have a Mental Disorder and Student Loans. Can They be Forgiven?

Question: Dear Steve, I have student loans that I will need to pay after I graduate. However, I suffer from bipolar, manic depression and psychosis. Will I be able to receive a total and permanent disability (TPD). Or some other loan forgiveness. I am still attending school though. I have been hospitalized for about 10 … Read more

My Bipolar Disorder and Depression Has Hurt My Ability to Repay My Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, Diagnosed in 1986 W/bipolar disorder, started Alcoholics Anonymous 1986(yes still sober & clean, 3/3/20,34yrs) I went to DeAnza College from 1990-1994, including summer, all vacation sessions allowed due to the fact of depression. I had to catch up. 1995 injured at work, 2 broke disks, had 2 wait 6yrs 4 surgery due … Read more

I’m Bipolar and Worried Sick About American Express

Question: Jon, Bipolar, Income Protection Insurance delays, no income. Single parent, child, Corporate Amex and £7K to pay and scared to call them. Owe family member and friend money, paying them is so important, I can’t sleep thinking about it. Credit history destroyed as 10 years ago was sick, made arrangements for lower payments with … Read more

My Bipolar Disorder Led Me to Get In Debt With Gambling

Question: Dear Steve, Same one you’ve been asked 450 times already. Bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder.. Finally got credit after 30 years. Ran the cards up to the max. I was also taking a medication known for inspiring people to gamble, etc. Seems like a double whammy to me. The minimum payments keep … Read more

My Manically Ill Son is Deep in Debt. What Should We Do?

Question: Dear Steve, My 43 year old son has had 3 manic episodes this year and is finally on medication & realizing his life has turned upside down. He is living with us and in a daytime treatment center. In a manic phase he purchased an expensive 4 wheel drive vehicle and a travel trailer. … Read more

My Bipolar Ex-Husband Can’t Help With My Stafford Student Loan

“Dear Steve, I divorced my ex in June of 2007. At the time of our divorce there was a Stafford student loan owing from when I attended college in 2001. Since my divorce, I have adopted my youngest granddaughter and am raising her on my own. In addition, my ex has been homeless and diagnosed … Read more

Is It True My Brother With Mental Illness Can Eliminate His Student Loans? – Josh

“Dear Steve, My younger brother has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. He has fought bouts of depression, hallucinations, and paranoia for the last 5-6 years. He has been on numerous different powerful drugs to help him. He, thank god, has finally found one that helps him with some of his symptoms but no way … Read more

My Bipolar Boyfriend Killed Himself But Ran Up My Debt Before. – Bonnie

“Dear Steve, My boyfriend was living with me and about 1 week before it was to be our one year, he committed suicide. He survived for two years in a vegative state. He passed away 2 years ago and I am stuck paying his debt that he racked up on my credit card, by buying … Read more