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I Have a Lien on My Property I Didn’t Know About From a Credit Card Company

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I was trying to do a refinance of my mortgage when i was told there was a lean on my proptery from Assest Mangement. After a bunch of different phone calles i was told that this was due to a credit card bill from 2003. I was never informed of a hearing, nor do i have any knowledge of the credit card or the bill and tried to explain that to the company. I have no idea what to do where to go or even where to start with this issue. Any suggestions?

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  • Can or will they tell you the credit card company? I would think they would have to show you the bill that was not paid. You could then prove it was not you. I’m sure it won’t happen over night but it will be worth it in the long run to get it completely cleared. Good luck we just found out about a lein from 2005 and it isn’t fun.

  • I also have two such judgements.  I was just told they would have to be satisfied when I sold my home.  I have refinanced several times since these judgements were placed and was not told that they existed.  I am talking 1982 and  I just found out about them in 2012.  Good luck to you.m  Try consulting a lawyer.

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