Judgment to be Secured With Cash or Bond in Lloyd Ward Kansas Default Judgment Case

A tipster (send in your tips here) wrote to me and directed me to a previous case that was filed against Lloyd Ward in Texas as a foreign judgment.

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Apparently the court in Texas has just ruled that Lloyd Ward, Lloyd Ward PC, Lloyd Ward & Associates and Lloyd Ward Group must deposit $119,000 in cash or bond “which is the amount that will secure the judgment creditor in any loss or damage occasioned by the delay on appeal. – Source

This case goes back to a case from Kansas in which Kelly Hawkins won a default judgment against the Ward entities named. You can read more about that case here.

A number of allegations came to light in that case, including the apparent ownership of a Texas law firm by non-attorneys Kevin Devoto and Lloyd Regner who are now duking it out in court themselves.

Ward’s representatives claimed the Kansas default judgment was void because the State of Kansas and the Kansas court lacked jurisdiction over any of the Defendants. It is also alleged that the Defendants have “never done business in Kansas.” – Source

A document filed in this case by Charles Branham, III Esq. basically called Ward unreliable in his claims that the Kansas default judgment should not be honored in Texas against him.

“It was undisputed that, despite Mr. Ward’s demonstrably false affidavit, that Mr. Ward and his law firms agreed to represent Kelly Hawkins in an attorney-client relationship. Supplemental Affidavit of Lloyd Ward dated March 30, 2012 stating “I have no business transactions with Kelly Hawkins” with letter from Lloyd Ward dated June 21, 2011 stating “Ms. Hawkins entered into an agreement with Lloyd Ward on April 16, 2010…” Moreover, Mr Ward acknowledges that the contract was between Mr. Hawkins and an entity which did not exist, Lloyd Ward Group, LLC. Mr. Ward further admitted that his website was an “interactive” website which included client logins and the ability to “Click here for a quote.” This website further touted Lloyd Ward & Associates as “the Premier Debt Negotiation Law Firm in the U.S.” – Source

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