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The Franklin Group – Consumer Complaint – 5-25-2012

Consumer Statement:

I contracted with the Franklin Group to help prepare my husband and my credit. Our bank account is drafted each month for $99. The first month we paid $199.00 down. The site they sent us to to order our report charged a monthly monitoring fee. I delcined. The case manager sent an application to my wife’s email supposedly for them to get a copy of our credit report for free by applying for credit. My wife completed the credit applications and paid money without my knowlege. We were told we would be automatically approved for $2000 credit from an online company to boost our credit score. This did not happen. After paying $35.00 to have our credit run we were to be contacted by a consultant who would go over our report and advise us how to proceed. It has been a two months without a return phone call or any contact from them. We have a contract with them for credit repair and all money paid is suspose to go to closing. If the credit is nev er repaired they can collect the money indefinately. They have not done anything they agreed to do in their contract except withdraw money from our bank.

Consumer Action Taken:

So far we have been calling them for almost two months. No one has returned our call. Today I called and got an 806 error message on each of their numbers.I checked the Better Business Bureau and they no longer have a rating because they are under review. I found this site when searching to see if others have been scammed like me.

Date This Problem Happened: May 28, 2012

State You Live in: Texas

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $496

Company Name: The Franklin Group

Company Address:

337 East Bay St.
Suite C
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Company Telephone Number: 888-450-2226

Website of Company:

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • Titlegirl

    I am so happy that I found this site as Rob called me tonight from this group, phone is 904-302-9673.  I got the same story about the credit repair and they could get me a loan.  I had remember reading something about this company so I will talking any further with them.

  • Simpsonvillebill

    I was very excited when contacted by Joel the other day. Tho confused as to where he got our info. But thinking about it we were calling a lot of mortgage co’s for a while there so maybe just maybe this is real. Well it seems that these kinds of people pray on the hopeless and if you have bad credit you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m very upset by this but thankful that I didnt yet pay the “closing fee” of 199. Thats what I was told it was.They dont charge anything, “we make our money off the loan”. So what are you Joel? I can tell you what you aren’t, you arent charging my CC tomorrow its cancelled.

    • dannyboy

      They don’t pray on people. Stop being so naive by what you see on the internet. This website here actually refers you to debt consolidation companies, credit card companies, bankruptcy attorney’s, credit card consolidation. These website is referral service and gets paid for referral fees for referring people out to there websites.

      • Steve Rhode

        And apparently your comment is one of those things on the internet you can’t believe. If you are talking about the website we do not get paid any referral fees for bankruptcy attorneys or debt consolidation companies. We do receive referral fees from and are very upfront about it. Apparently you have not read the site terms which describe this at length.

    • Sheryl

      Good Call. Some companies are not up front about being a referral service

      • Steve Rhode

        Who is not being upfront?

      • SingS

        is Sheryl talking about the comment from dannyboy?

      • SingS

        We know you are upfront :) and we appreciate the articles and information that you post

      • Steve Rhode

        I guess she must be referring to The Franklin Group. It would amaze me if she was talking about this site with all the disclosure that we do in the site terms.

      • Steve Rhode

        She replied to Simpsonvillebill. That’s why I asked for clarification.

  • Johnny W

    They actually were a really good company. If it wasn’t for them I would still be paying $1,500 a month in rent. They are the real deal. I thank the Lord above for blessing me to work with them. I would probably honestly be 2 years or more away from buying a house if I tried to do this myself. It’s a shame that people have to come to sites like these and give good companies bad names. Shame on you people. This is why you don’t own a home because you blame everyone else but yourself for your problems. When you hit a few bumps in the road you quit. Once a quitter always a quitter. You will never own a home without patience and the willingness to listen. 

    • Simpsonvillebill

      Wow you really got offended by these statements. So what branch do you work for in the Franklin Group? Next time dont make yourself so obvious

  • Rockyb

    here is a contact number , they have just given me the same information. but i should have known a fast talker. joel@ 904-425-1562

  • stephanie

    After reading this companies consumer reviews , I will NOT be working them , also my bank manager at our local branch advised me to not get involved with them as well , since she was a credit counseler for a major company she had the inside scoop on which ones were predatory scams and THIS company was at the top of her list . no thanks Franklin group I will keep my money and use it to repair my credit on my own , which is totally attainable and doable ….any local bank will help you get on your way we use keybank , check them out , very nice and very willing to help good luck everyone and be aware !



  • Elenarey77

    I received a call yesterday from a Chris Smith pushing really hard to get me to begin a program and pay 199.99 a month. He claims Equifax gave him my information. Sounds like a scam.

    • Steve Rhode

      It’s more like they bought a marketing list from Equifax.

    • Johnny W

      You buy the information from Equifax. Public data. Think before you speak.

  • Smitman01

    Wow Im shocked to see this I did business with the Franklin Group and I found them to be very helpful and strait forward. I was in their program for about 5 months and Im proud to say I am a home owner now! I found them to be very strait forward and helpful. I was asked to add tradelines that I did initially pay for but it was all reimbursed back to me by being deducted from my monthly payment (which was all refunded to me at closing costs). I am shocked to read the above statement because I have referred family members and friens to the Franklin Group and everyone dose seem pleased with their current results. I guess your never going to please everyone all the time. 

    • Darlene Hawk

      Wow, and I’m shocked to see that an employee of The Franklin Group thinks everybody is so naive that nobody will know that they’re affiliated with TFG, as they continue to attempt to prey on more people! Guess we can be shocked together…

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