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I Want Old Debt to Be Removed From My Credit Report. – Vivian

I have debt that I would like to have removed from my credit report

NH has 3 years after final payment for a debt to be collected.

Is there a form letter or a few statements I could use is a letter to the the credit reporting companies to have them remove these debts from my credit report?

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  • dfawn

    Yes you can write a letter and ask for a statement to be place on the credit report regarding the debt.  We did this in the past, if the debt was not yours you would be able to have it removed with a dispute.  But if it is yours….you can place a statement such as you paid it off early or whatever the case.

  • David Robert

    Dear Vivian, in most cases when any debt goes into default (within 90 days of last payment) it is written off (following GAAP) and is then sold to debt collectors. These debt collectors then start the debt collection processes against the alleged debtor. 99.98% of the time they violate state and federal laws with their debt collection practices. For example: if the debt collector runs a credit report against you that is a clear violation and can cost the debt collector $1000 per inquiry. They violate what is called FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) laws. Less than 1% of alleged debtors know and understand the laws that are there to protect their rights, less than 1%. If you know and understand these laws and how they can protect you, you can use them in a very empowering way. I would be happy to coach you for *free as my pay it forward commitment to help you. You are welcome to call me at: (888) 328-4877  ext #604. Again, I will coach you for free and never charge you dime. They only thing I will ask is you do the study work I will assign you so you can empower yourslef. It can actually become quite fun when you know how to put these debt collectors on the spot and have the laws to back you up. Remember knowledge is NOT power, it’s potential power. Namaste, Dave Robert

  • Chasen_daugherty

    A credit hit will stay on your report for 7 years. I would work on building better credit than worry about the credit hit I got. I don’t think there is much you can do about it. Hope this helps!

  • Gopats_1

    It’s a very tedious task to have things removed, but if you want it off the report then put the time in!

  • MontgomeryTwigs

    I had no idea this is even possible, so this if very helpful to see the answers that have been offerred.

  • Threebamers

    I  have always heard it stays on Your credit report for seven years, and You can check to see if it has been removed.  If not, contact all of the 3 credit bureaus, in writing and find out why it has not been removed. Hope it works out for You.

  • D.

    I feel your pain completely on this. I am going through my credit files trying to clean out as much as possible. I have had quite a bit of luck with accounts requesting a full validation of the debts. You can do an internet search for sample debt validation letters to send to the collectors. Send the letter by certified mail so you have proof you sent the validation request cause if they fail to validate the debt then you can request that the account be deleted from your file and you have the proof to back up your dispute. I would try to dispute the debt first on your credit file to see if it comes back verified or not. Sometimes in my experience when I have disputed certain accounts it wound up being deleting with the credit bureaus. Good luck to you and I hope everything goes your way on getting your account removed.

  • Amy Kleinpeter

    The statute of limitations is not related to how long things stay on your credit report, Ms. Vivian.  The debt should stay on for seven years, not three.  Plus, be careful when calculating when to start counting a statute of limitations — it differs between states and sometimes between districts or even judges!

    Submitting disputes for debts that are not an error is a bad idea.  However, if there is something inaccurate on your credit report — not your debt or incorrect information — then it is much better to write a letter, provide as much information as you have to prove you are right, and mail it to the credit reporting agency and the reporting company (creditor or debt buyer or collector, usually, but sometimes a servicer).  Mail it certified mail, return receipt requested.

    I hope that helps.  There is a ton of bad information about credit reports online — reader beware!  Anyone or any company, no matter what promises they make, who says they can “fix” your credit of negative information that is true is not being honest with you.  Sometimes a few things do go off, but then everything else remains and is marked “disputed”, which can itself be the reason for a denial of credit. 

    — Amy Kleinpeter

    • Steve Rhode

      And that’s why Amy Kleinpeter rocks! Great advice.

    • Eric Southward

      Amy is correct, the statute of limitations is based on defending an action to collect a debt. And remember, in many states is an affirmative defense, meaning that it has to be raised as a defense to a collection action. It does not prevent someone from trying to collect the debt or even sue on it; it allows you to raise it as a defense.
      Also, when the “clock starts ticking” is a matter of case law in many states. It could be from when the contract was breached, from when you last paid, 30 days from last usage, etc….You may also wish to to look at your state-specific debt-collection statute. It may given larger and better rights than the federal statutes.

      It is not “illegal” to report the debt on your credit bureau for seven years. I would not recommend “disputing” the debt unless you have reason to believe what is being is reported is incorrect. Also, in my experience, the credit reporting agencies really don’t want disputes done through the mail anymore.

      They prefer you set up an account at and then use the online disputing tool. My understanding is that disputes are all done electronically anyway and it triggers an automatic “tick sheet” that generates an inquiry. So whether the dispute is done in the mail or electronically, an electronic inquiry is generated and there is no actual documentation attached to the generated inquiry no matter how much “proof” you send in…..

      Eric Southward

      • CreditReportHelper

         When there is a legitimate error being reported to the bureaus is it not wise to send a written dispute via USPS certified mail return receipt?
        Given the propensity of the bureaus to not perform a true investigation and just play an electronic ping pong match with the furnisher of the bad info, followed by replying that the disputed information has been verified as accurate, would not the paper trail and proof of delivery be of value in the foundation  of evidence should a court action be necessary to force the bureau and furnisher to take responsibility?

      • Steve Rhode

        It won’t hurt if you want to define the date they got it and start the clock but there is also no hard date. They have about a month to do the review and the weak link is the entity reporting the information. They can always say it is valid without really investigating it. If you want to resolve a problem entirely, go to the sour and have them update their incorrect information and also dispute it with the bureau.

  • Trena000

    You can either go online and submit disputes at each credit bureau or if you have a copy of the actual credit report, I believe there are forms towards the back which will allow you to complete the items you are disputing.  You might also contact each credit bureau and ask them if they have a generic form.  Good luck!

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