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I Want Old Debt to Be Removed From My Credit Report. – Vivian

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I have debt that I would like to have removed from my credit report

NH has 3 years after final payment for a debt to be collected.

Is there a form letter or a few statements I could use is a letter to the the credit reporting companies to have them remove these debts from my credit report?

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  • Yes you can write a letter and ask for a statement to be place on the credit report regarding the debt.  We did this in the past, if the debt was not yours you would be able to have it removed with a dispute.  But if it is yours….you can place a statement such as you paid it off early or whatever the case.

  • Dear Vivian, in most cases when any debt goes into default (within 90 days of last payment) it is written off (following GAAP) and is then sold to debt collectors. These debt collectors then start the debt collection processes against the alleged debtor. 99.98% of the time they violate state and federal laws with their debt collection practices. For example: if the debt collector runs a credit report against you that is a clear violation and can cost the debt collector $1000 per inquiry. They violate what is called FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) laws. Less than 1% of alleged debtors know and understand the laws that are there to protect their rights, less than 1%. If you know and understand these laws and how they can protect you, you can use them in a very empowering way. I would be happy to coach you for *free as my pay it forward commitment to help you. You are welcome to call me at: (888) 328-4877  ext #604. Again, I will coach you for free and never charge you dime. They only thing I will ask is you do the study work I will assign you so you can empower yourslef. It can actually become quite fun when you know how to put these debt collectors on the spot and have the laws to back you up. Remember knowledge is NOT power, it’s potential power. Namaste, Dave Robert

  • A credit hit will stay on your report for 7 years. I would work on building better credit than worry about the credit hit I got. I don’t think there is much you can do about it. Hope this helps!

  • It’s a very tedious task to have things removed, but if you want it off the report then put the time in!

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