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ROTC Was Supposed to Pay My Tuition But I Can’t Get My Transcripts Because I Have a Bill

“Dear Steve,

I graduated from college in may of 2010 with roughly a 100,000 dollars of student loan debt. I have deferred my fedeal but as for private they wouldnt let me do so. So now its on my credit and i cant pay because i have no job. First question is how can i reduece this debt. My second issues iswhen i graduated i was commissioned as a reserve officer in the army because i was in ROTC. ROTC gave me a 2 year scholarship for fall 2008 til spring 2010 or thats what i thought i signed up for. So when time for graduation, i had to financially clear before i walked across the stage. I did and i received both of my degrees. but at the start of the new school year for fall 2010 i receieved a letter stating i owe 8,999.50 for fall semester 2008. I cant get my transcripts which are preventing me from getting a job or going back to school. I contacted the school registrar who then told me to contact ROTC. I did and they say my contract was for Spring 2009 to fall 2010. meaning i wasnt suppose to graduate until the fall. I told them that means the contract is not valid because they only paid out a year and a half. They say it is you just finished early. tired of going back and forth in how they screwed me i want to know how do i get this paid for because clearly i dont have the money , i have called cadet command, and i cant take out any more loans.


Dear Charmine,

I admit it is confusing that it appeared you did not owe any money when you graduated but then retroactively received a bill from two years before.

Does the school show payments made on your behalf after the missed fall 2008 semester? Do you have a copy of the contract that covered you for fall 2008 with ROTC?

ROTC did not apparently cover your full tuition did they? Otherwise, what’s the $100,000 from?

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What college did you attend?

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  • would going into Active Service (as opposed to reserves) help? More programs are available to active duty.

    Also, even though you graduated, scholarships and grants for veterans are still available to you 

    good luck

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