Realty Law Center – Novation Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 6-2-2012

Consumer Statement:

I was contacted by Novation Law Center in June of 2011 regarding a loan remodification. After many conversations I agreed to retain their legal services I paid a total of 3500.00 dollars to have them help me. It all seem legit when they assigned me a negotiator to help me. Then it all fell apart, the negotiator that was assigned to me suddenly no longer worked and his emails were being returned to me. I then called and spoke to a manager at novation and he gave me another number to call, this number was to realty law center who said they were the same company and would now be handling my case. Now a year later and no progress has been made on my home loan from realty law center and when I call to speak to the person who was representing me I am told she is in a meeting, on another call, on vacation etc… I have yet to get any result from this scamming company and will be hiring another attorney to get my money back.

Consumer Action Taken:

I cant resolve an issue with a company when they never return phone calls or answer their phone.

Date This Problem Happened: June 12, 2011

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,500

Company Name: Realty Law Center

Company Address:

6 B Liberty
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Company Telephone Number: 949-600-9961

Website of Company: realtylawcenter.com

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This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by GetOutOfDebt.org or Steve Rhode.
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8 thoughts on “Realty Law Center – Novation Law Center – Consumer Complaint – 6-2-2012”

  1. Dear Steve:

    Your clients need to get there facts straight before they post information was not correct on our site. Realty Law Center has nothing to do with Consult Legal Group in Santa Ana, Owner’s name is Ario something, Novation Law Center, owner’s name Shayan Darvish 949-648-4546 cell or any other company Shayan Darvish created and then stole all of client funds from the attorney trust accounts. In fact please ask all these clients that posted all this negative info about RLC to provide with a copy of the check that was cashed (not RLC) and the signed retainer (not Bruce Weiner’s Sig on the retainer nor RLC) if you provide me with an address, I will personally send you a copy of all the bank statement showing how all these poor people’s money was stolen by this criminal Shayan Darvish who is now out of the country. 

    Please have your clients get there stories straight and you as the owner of this site need to confirm information that is being posted prior to you uploading it and assuming it true.  


    • In fact, Realty Law Center is a scam. Do not trust them at all. They are a very large scam with several ex-mortgage scum running the place. As for Esq, i should sue you just for being so uneducated you illiterate ***K. I can only imagine what they will do to little people like you in jail once the FEDS get you. 

  2. Realty Law Center took $2500 from me, too.  I just called Tamer Qursha to the #was posted and he told me that Chyanne Darvish and his partner Dario are the actual people who took all our money. His phone#949-648-4546. I will try to find the way to get him.

  3. These people took 3500.00 of my money and nothing has been done. I’ve done my own research and hired a P.I. This is the info I have so far. The Man behind the scenes, that calls the shots “Tamer Qursha” # 949-613-1671. The woman that heads up the whole operation is Jennifer Espinoza # 562-686-2592. Other known websites operated by the same group homesteadlawfirm.com, realtylawcenter.com, realtylawfirm.com and Im sure there are more.

    • I think that’s the first time those names have come up. Please keep us posted and maybe you can provide additional information in what way you think they are involved.

      • It’s not the first time for Jennifer.. I’ve seen jennifer esparanza and jenn on many of the post. Theyre all one in the same person. Both of them operate under different names within the company to conceal their real identity. These two are the ones pulling the monkey strings in the backround. The attorney of record is a front. Ive conducting my own research, even on Qursha. Very interesting what the feds have to say. Its all a fact of record for federal convictions. I have a different attorney and a p.i. Working on this. Now for stealing my money and on general principal i will seek all legal courses as a means to an end. Email me for specifics and proof.

      • We did some research: Tamer Qursha, a convicted felon, is currently on federal probation for ripping off many other people. These guys are criminals with a long track record of defrauding innocent citizens! Watch out and research companies before giving away your hard earned money!


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