Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 6-11-2012

Consumer Statement:

We received a letter from Universal Fidelity, LP saying we had outstanding charges for videos rented between March and June of 2009. One of the movies is even listed twice. The amount owing is $88.71.

Consumer Action Taken:

I contacted the company and told them that back then Hollywood video had rented to my granddaughter and let her use my account without my permission. And that when I had gone in and told them that she said she returned them, and that they were not suppose to rent to her on my account anyway, I had my mother with me and she had alzhimers and was getting very angry with them. The lady behind the counter said, (because my mom was getting so angry). “how about this, you cancelled your account a few months back, if you reinstate it we can just waive the late fees. Because of the problems with my mom I said okay and gave her my debt card. I reopened my account for 30 days and then closed it. That was the last we heard until we received this notice. I then called the number on the notice and they told me to dispute it on line which I did. I now have received another notice saying that I ignored the first notice, so again I called Universal Fidel ity and told them that I had not ignored the first notice and that I had disputed it and they said that the trustdees for the account did not accept my dispute and that the bill still stood. I told her (her name was Mildred) that it doesn’t work that way. I told her, I’ve disputed it now you have to prove the debt. She said we don’t do that. I told her well you better start because that is the law. She then told me that only the trustdee can clear the debt and that I need to write to the trustdee at First Term Lenders Liquidation Trust, 8800 SE Sunnyside Road, Suite 202, Clackamas, Oregon 97015. That is my next step

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Date This Problem Happened: June 5, 2012

State You Live in: Oregon

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $88.71

Company Name: Universal Fidelity

Company Address:

P.O. Box 941911
Houston, TX 77094
United States

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: uflp.com

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