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We Are About to Lose Our Land Because of Nursing School. – Cami

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We are about to lose our land through the va due to me going to nursing school we are unable to keep payments up. also, we are having trouble keeping our payments up on anything. recently my son had a wreck in my car and due to my credit i am unable to get a car so i am borrowing my parents car.


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  • Cami,

    I don’t see a question so I’m not sure how to respond. I am sorry things are going badly for you and I hope you can finish school, get a job and get your budget back in shape soon.

    Please respond if you have a question that I missed.

    Good Luck!

  • Gordon & Wong LLP serendipitously got a levy against my bank account.  Responding, I offered a settlement.  For 90 days I have had no reply to my written inquiries. Yet, my debt continues to grow at $5 a day.  This is an odd tactic.  Will anyone be willing to share their prior experience with Gordon & Wong?

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