How Can I Lower My Parent PLUS Loans for My Daughters Nursing School?

“Dear Steve, I am a single mother and a NYC public school teacher who is retiring this June. I am 62 and I have been taking out Parent Plus loans and will have to take out more until my daughter graduates from nursing school in December 2016. My estimated Parent PLUS Loan will be around … Read more

Senior in High School With Daughter Wants to Plan for College. – Brooke

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I Just Graduated From Nursing School. Should I Go With Superior Debt Relief? – Linda

“Dear Steve, I have just graduated from Nursing School after attending for 4 years full time, no work. My children and I were supported through Social Secuirty Survivor Benefits for my children after my husband was killed. During the time since I’ve been in school, we have lost my daughter’s social security (she turned 18). … Read more

I’m Behind on Debts and Want My Credit Card Companies to Reduce Interest Rates. – Bonnie

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I’m Going to Take Out a Student Loan to Go to Nursing School – Sandra

“Dear Steve, I am considering taking on a federal Stafford loan in order to go to nursing school at a private school. Tuition is $25,000-30,000. I am single, in my 40’s work full time. Should I pay the loan off ASAP, before acquiring any further debt? I want to get a house soon and don’t … Read more