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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 6-28-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

ESTATE LAW GROUP contacted me in March 2012 when I was at my most vulnerable state and they offered to help me to get a Modification/and possible debt reduction from my 2nd mortgage-at a cost of $3,000.00 but they would break the cost down so that I could pay it in 2 installments…at the beginning which I paid $1,500.00 and at the end of their work. I have been contacted by my mortgage companies for being “behind/default” for the month of April -which is the monies I used to pay these people to help me. I have been holding on to Hope that ESTATE LAW GROUP didn’t play me and steal my money and possibly my ID. I asked the mortgages if they have had any contact by these people and have been told up to yesterday (6/27/12) that “NO ONE HAD CONTACTED THEM ON MY BEHALF” despite my being in touch all along with ESTATE LAW GROUP and being consistently told that ‘THINGS ARE GOING WELL WITH THE MORTGAGE COMPANIES and to s end more info to them by fax to which I have. I am extremely angry, embarrassed, and upright upset that there are people out taking advantage of individual such as myself who are in desperate measures and need help. I am a single mother of 1 child who is currently in college, I work 2 jobs, I am a Latina, and having fallen behind in my mortgages-now due to this situation (before i talked with them I was only LATE on my mortgages but got them paid WITHOUT getting DEFAULT notices). God knows I need help–HONEST help in dealing with my financial situation now. I NEED MY MONEY BACK and I will take care of picking myself up and going on BUT I truly need my $1500.00 back…HELP! I also know of an elderly gentleman who had the same experience with them or similar and he lives in Florida…After I mentioned it to him, he said he lost over $2,500 trying to get help from them also but is mortified that he fell into such trickery and hasn’t done anything to pursue getting his money back. I will ofer him my help now that I discovered this avenue.

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They even had me e-sign on a special site for all these documents that seemed so legal and they stressed me on 3/29/12 to get it all done before the beginning of April so that they can get right on it…..Nothing has been done to this day (6/28/12)for my benefit….they still contact me with hopeful words that “things are going well and it takes time”.

Consumer Action Taken:

I will now send all the information I have on them including all their emails, and I have saved their voicemails with all their “PROMISES TO ME” to my Attorney General’s Office here in Massachusetts and will work with that office to get my money back and my dignity…

Date This Problem Happened: March 26, 2012

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,500

Company Name: Estate Law Group

Company Address:

15333 Culver Dr.
Suite 340/471
IRVINE, CA 92604

Company Telephone Number: 866-496-1883

Website of Company:

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  • I also have been scammed by estate law group for $2900.00 and will do what I have to to get MTV money back I was involved in this company for over a year before they told me they could not help me everyone should fight for their money!!!!

  • We have also been scammed by this company our MHA counsellor was Christian Duke who promised us that he will get us the loan modificatio and kept on saying lies after lies that our file has been processed by the processor Ms. Janice.C to the Bank of America and things are going very well he made us sign the e-documents that looked so legitmate. we turned in all are requested documents social security numbers, bank statements- pay stubb, tax returns and other official documents. also charged us the fees in the amount of $ 2.250 dollars which was paid in three installements. It was about 4 months when I recieved the phone call from Bank Of america letting me know that I am default on my mortgage account & I need to contact them for assistance otherwise my house will go in foreclosure. I mentioned to them the name of the counsellor and the Estate Law group they mentioned no one has contacted them and they were the one who mentioned to me that this company is a scammer and people have filed lots of complaints against this company and its people. according to the California Law the company is not supposed to charge you money upfront. thats how I became frustraited and upset and contacted Christian Duke and asked him for my rapid refund. according to him he said we provided services to you…… I said what kind of services that you scammed me and took away my hard earned money. Well he is not returning my refund, I had file a complaint with the Police department of Irvine california, they contacted me, they mentioned the address what he is using has a PO.Box to it. I also contacted The Attorney General of California and Michigan. I contacted the BBB. and file the complaint with the consumer Department. I will do whatever it takes me I need my money back thanks God i did not paid him the full amount which was $ 3.663. He is a big scammer and this company Estate Law Group has a very bad reputation lots of complaints have been filed. I have also contacted the FBI to be involved so they cannot harrased innocent people with their hard earned money. Their address is…….Estate Law Group…15333 Culver Dr.Suite #340/481…IRVINE. CA.92604……Christian Duke….ph.#866-496-1883
    [email protected]……..Direct # 949-202-1926…..Please Please be aware of this guy he is a scammer . he should be put behind the bar .
    We have already contacted the Bank Of America our case manager has been signed and our loan modification is already in process.

  • Hello,


    I would like to first and foremost apologize that you feel that
    you have been wrongfully treated by our company.  I can assure you that we
    are not a fraudulent company and definitely not looking to scam anybody out of
    their hard earned money.  If anything, it seems that there may have been a
    miscommunication between you and your counselor.  A typical modification
    with our company takes no less than three to four months to finalize, and that
    is if we have everything needed to submit to the lender.  It sounds like
    your file barely came into our intake department towards the end of
    March/beginning of April.  Also, we do not deal with a lender’s customer
    care department or third party collections companies; we deal directly with
    their loss mitigation department.  That could be why the person you spoke
    with stated that they had not been contacted by us.  Either way, I’d be more
    than happy to look into this for you.  Please contact my assistant Crystal
    and reference this article.  866-496-1883 xt 124. 

    • It’s very ironic that I too have had the same issue with your company. Where I was one month behind and now I’m 5 months behind with a foreclosure letter, basically making me and my children homeless. I too have spoke with my lender and have been told that they have sent 2 letters asking for your company to respond that they were representing me and on my behalf and they NEVER received a response or verification that they were helping me. While all the while I’m being told by your company that things are going well and they are working with my lender which apparently has been a LIE. When I asked to speak to this lawyer Garret Elias for clarification since he is suppose to be working on my behalf as well I was told, “I don’t have his number available and I will call you back with it” I’m still waiting for that call and it has been 5 days. Your organization claim they received the same foreclosure letter I did (but how is that if there has been no communication with my lender). Then the processor asked me to send a copy of the foreclosure letter (that the said they already had). After I told them I had the foreclosure letter they told me to start making as many payments as possible. Really you guys never said that in the beginning because you kept assuring me that things were going well and i had nothing to worry about. Well I would say this is something to worry about. In the beginning I was told to make all payments to Bank of America, but then was later told to make payments to another bank called Western Commerce which is not a local bank in my area. Then I was told to send post-dated checks. I’m convinced that your company is a fraud and after sending my money and nothing being done, I’m facing being homeless. Estate Law Group, thanks for putting us in the street. 

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