More Emails Sent in Lloyd Ward v. The Debt Answer Debacle. Tipster Speaks Out.

Thanks to some totally awesome readers I now have copies of some additional emails that are being sent from Lloyd Ward & Associates and The Debt Answer to pick which company might have the rightful owner of the debt settlement clients in limbo. You can read more about this mess, here.

As I said in this previous post, until some legal clarity comes forward as to who previous clients belong to with The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward and Associates, consumer really have no way of knowing who their debt settlement provider actually is.

What I do know is what I was sent in this totally unverified statement from an alleged insider of The Debt Answer or Lloyd Ward. These are not my words or statements but they may shed some light on what is alleged to be going on here.

“In short, Regner Assigned a block of clients to Lloyd Ward (which the clients all had to agree to, in writing and did) from what Regner believed to be formerly “Green” states (prior to FTC big crack down oct 2010).

Most all of those states later became “Red” as licensing was required etc.

We had been out of compliance and New Hampshire (thankfully a small state) had required us to refund all clients and that cost a chunk because of Kervin Jackson’s screw up (formerly fired as Mgr due to his much incompetence and now REhired by Regner and after a mass exodus of most of the competent employees when other owner that really built the company left… Pending legal battle)

Then came Connecticut… Which is public info…Regner had enough! [Note: more on that $500,000 fine against Lloyd Ward Group here.]

So rather than comply with Any licensing or even registering, Regner simply assigned them to Ward and they became Ward Clients.

Again those were:

ABC, The Debt Answer, and original Lloyd Ward (Regner is below referring to them as “best debt options” BDO ((not even a company… Meaning it doesnt even exist)) clients which Regner signed up under Lloyd Ward in Red States prior to FTC oct 2010.

So 3 blocks of biz became 1 block solely signed to Lloyd Ward.

So all ABC and The Debt Answer (TDA) clients were assigned to Ward and service by Ward employees and Regner was hired by Ward to service those.

This was more than a yr and a half ago.

Recently Regner was Fired by Ward.

Now this dispute has arisen and Regner began a over last few months Secretly taking these clients under a new fictitious Global Client Solutions acct.

He had his employees (representing themselves as Working for Ward) tell the clients they had a technical problem with their GCS acct and fraudulently gained their signature to which he presented to further defraud GCS into them making that change.

Ward caught Regner red handed.

Now, essentially as you can see in the email below, (actually, here) since Ward has now informed them of Regner’s Fraud scheme, Regner is openly corresponding with clients, suggesting they are now somehow Not Ward’s clients.

This new spin scheme of course has Many issues.

To name a few, they are Ward’s clients and only Ward can assign them and only in writing signed and agreed by the client. None of which has occurred!

They also would have to be assigned to a Law Firm not an Unlicensed and completely unregistered debt settlement company (we have Zero licenses in any states).

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Still many other issues he’s done operating within GCS with the client outside of the original agreement as in how he’s allegedly taking now fees.

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In short, this is going to be Hellacious!!! To say the least. AG’s in multi states are being contacted and complaints being filed.” Again, the information from this tipster (send in your tips here) has not been verified by me.

Email From The Debt Answer to Consumer

First up we have an email sent by The Debt Answer to a consumer caught in the middle.

Thank you for speaking with me today. We have included the forms that we will need you to sign and return so we can continue to provide you with the service you are expecting. Please remember the first step is to get your previous Global account closed, you may do so by sending an email to customersupport@globalclientsolutions.com, below is a template for your convenience. Global will then send the funds from your GCS account to you via manual check within 10 days. You will need to include your name, client ID (44-19156) and current address to send the check to.

“Please close my account effective today and return my funds back to me immediately.”

1) The “TDA POA” form will need to have your name printed at the top, please include your co applicant if it applies, and then please sign and date at the bottom of the page.

2) The “NEW GLOBAL Blank ACH Form” form will need to have your personal information at the top, you banking information in the middle and your signature and date at the bottom of the page.

These forms can be emailed back or faxed to 866-667-2784 If you need any assistance on any of these forms please contact me at 972-993-2793.

Warmest Regards,

Kayla Nelson
Fax: 1-888-507-7448
The Debt Answer
12655 N. Central Expressway Ste. 1000
Dallas, TX 75243

But here is the really odd thing about this email. We know The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward are battling it out over who gets the clients. Ward even said, “Over the last four months, I have fired ABC Debt Relief Ltd., Co., The Debt Answer LLC, and their owner, Lloyd Regner, and in fact issued cease and desist letters to these companies for improperly accessing your data.” – Source

But the mailing address The Debt Answer lists on their email is actually the office address of Lloyd Ward. “Lloyd E. Ward, Lloyd Ward & Associates, PC, 12655 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1000, Dallas Texas” – – Source

Could this get anymore confusing?

As one person observed, if The Debt Answer is asking people to sign new Power of Attorney Forms and Global Client Solution documents maybe that indicates Lloyd Ward & Associates is actually the controller of the accounts. I don’t think anybody knows for sure.

Email from Lloyd Ward to Consumers

Here is a recent Lloyd Ward email sent to clients on June 26,2012.

A Message From the Desk of Lloyd E. Ward
June 26, 2012

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for being a valued client. We appreciate you allowing us the opportunity to service your legal needs. You are receiving this letter because we would like to remind you of a few changes affecting our services.

Again, there have been no changes to your Global Client Solutions or Meracord Account. You do not need to sign another agreement with Global, Meracord, or Lloyd Ward. Your information has and will remain the same. Please continue to follow your existing plans as structured to avoid any interruption(s).

What has changed?

Our new customer service number for Lloyd Ward & Associates is (855) 366-0156. Our new mailing address is 126555 N. Central Expressway Suite 1000 Dallas, TX 75234. Please do not attempt to contact us at our former phone or mailing address, these numbers do not belong to Lloyd Ward & Associates, its agents, or affiliates. Additionally, our website and email information has also been changed to www.lloydwardservices.com.

We are aware that some customers have been contacted by companies or individuals claiming to be employees or agents of Lloyd Ward & Associates. We have asked these parties to cease and desist from contacting our clients and will pursue all available legal remedies should they continue to do so. You should not provide or confirm any account information or any banking information to any individual who is not an employee of Lloyd Ward & Associates.

If at any time, you believe you have been contacted by any third party claiming to be Lloyd Ward & Associates, its affiliates or agents, or receive any emails about your account from an email or web address from “lloydwardlawfirm.com” please call our office immediately at (855) 366-0156.

That web domain, lloydwardlawfirm.com was listed in a consumer complaint against Lloyd Ward & Associates as the domain for Lloyd Ward & Associates. So if it never was the domain of Lloyd Ward, why were people led to believe it was? – Source

Notice how they no longer say that consumers should report that to the Attorney General as they did in previous email, “If you have been asked to make any changes in your financial accounts or execute any new documents within the last five months, such request are from ABC Debt Relief Ltd., Co., The Debt Answer LLC and Lloyd Regner, and not this office. Such activities should be reported to both us, and your State Attorney General.” – Source

Does Ward no longer believe people should file complaints over these activities?

A representative from Lloyd Ward & Associates will be contacting you shortly to establish a new, secure password to be used when calling our office or accessing your account information. We apologize for any inconvenience but believe that these changes are necessary in order to assist us in better servicing your account and securing your personal and financial records.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience during this transition. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us at (855) 366-0156.

Lloyd E. Ward
Lloyd Ward & Associates, PC
12655 N. Central Expressway
Suite 1000
Dallas Texas 75234
Toll Free (855) 366-0156
Telephone (972) 361-0036
Facsimile (214) 853-5530
email: lward@lloydwardservices.com

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