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Lloyd Eugene Ward Hit With Paternity Suit. Sued by Attorney General Office.

A tipster (send in your tips here) just clued me in to a suit filed on June 20, 2012 against Lloyd Eugene Ward. It’s a paternity suit filed by the Office of the Attorney General.

According to the suit the mother is Cheryl and the child was both in 1998 and lives with the mother. The complaint filed calls for “appropriate current and retroactive child and medical support for the child.”

The Court has ordered Lloyd Eugene Ward to pay the costs of this proceeding.

It may be inferred that Lloyd Eugene Ward is not currently paying child support for this child and that the father of the child is not in question since the complaint identifies the father of the child as Lloyd Eugene Ward.

Ward is requested to produce documents that may be of interest to many. The documents include:

  • IRS federal tax returns for the past two years with all schedules included with the returns and all W-2s and 1099s attached to such returns;
  • All documents showing income received by Lloyd Eugene Ward from any source for the past two years;
  • All payroll stubs for the last six months;
  • Income history from Social Security records;
  • Statement for all checking and saving accounts held in the last six months;
  • Evidence of health insurance;
  • Copies of loan applications made in the last six months; and,
  • Current statements of benefits and balances for retirement, pension, or profit-sharing plans.

For the record, from the documentation I have no identification details to categorically confirm this is the same Lloyd Eugene Ward from the debt world. But if not, that would be freaky coincidental.

I’m only publishing this under the context of “When it rains it pours.”


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  • What does this story have to do with debt? It seems that Steve is continuing to take out a childish vendetta against Ward. Isn’t this what Ward sued you for in the first place? And you claim the suit is baseless when you post gossip column smut like this? I am glad he sued you and your wife for those of us who were too fearful to do it. I think your next story should be about how you, Steve, were basically kicked out of the US, forced to flee to England, because of the sneaky tricks and fees you imposed on consumers when you ran your credit counseling agency. A telephone fee Steve? Remember that? The IRS didn’t like that did they? This column is useless and worse than the Enquirer. I love the fact that Consolidated Credit- Dvorkin, supports this column.

    • Not kicked out of the U.S. And I think you might be referring to a nominal fee we used to charge for a telephone consultation back in the early 2000s. What about it?

      So you are confirming it is the same Lloyd Eugene Ward then?

      So what is the line for childish then? Should I not print anything about the client battle between Ward and his ex-partner, the Texas Bar Disciplinary suit against him, the foreign judgment from Kansas over a debt settlement suit or all the other stuff?

      Let me be clear, if Ward appears in the news or tipsters send me information about him, I will consider it for publication.

      The only reason this made the cut, and not everything does, was because it was a “when it rains it pours” moment. For your information, I’ve never printed anything about the other court cases involving another child as well.

      Finally, you will notice a big difference between what you write and what I write. In my stories I back up the facts with source documents and verifiable facts.

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