CCDN, Legal Debt Cure, Robert Lock – Blast From the Past

A tipster (send in your tips here) alerted me to the fact that the State of Wisconsin recently filed suit against Legal Debt Cure and CCDN. The CCDN name should be familiar to site readers from activity a couple of years ago. Click here for CCDN articles.

According to the suit filed, Legal Debt Cure had four officers/managers: Coleen Lock, Robert Lock, Charles Manger, and Phil Manger. CCDN was comprised of Robert Lock, and Philip Manger.

The State of Wisconsin had previously received complaints about these companies and in September of 2010 wrote to Robert Lock at RK Associates but received no reply. In October, 2010 the State wrote to Legal Debt Cure and advised the company they were operating as a debt adjustment company in Wisconsin without being licensed. The State received no response.

After additional attempts and requests, the State of Wisconsin issued their final administrative order on June 20, 2011. The State believes CCDN picked up where Legal Debt Cure left off and filed suit on May 30, 2012. – Source

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