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My Parents Are Disabled Seniors With Two Timeshares. – Erica

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My parents are disabled seniors. They are in a lot of debt which includes 2 time shares that they can’t get rid of. They have been approached by numberous scam artists. Now my mom has made an appointment to work with Legal Services Group. I think she plans to sign over the time shares to them. I tried to check them out on the web, but you are the only one with a negative rating about the company.

Can you recommend a reputable company to help my parents with their debt problems? They live in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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  • I know where you’re coming from. My mom is 68 and was dealing with
    the same issue. She bought a timeshare in Cancun but since she couldn’t
    keep paying all the fees they charge every year, so we tried to sell it. Impossible. Now we’re trying to cancel the contract. There is a company called Mexican timeshare Solutions that works under a contingency basis and only collect their fee if the contract is cancelled. Otherwise, no fee is charged. They offer you a free consultation on you matter, and as far as i know they’re now cancelling TS contracts in the states as well. It’s working for us, you should give it a try too

  • I am in a debt situation myself so I am not a good one to address that part of your question but I do know about timeshares.  I guess it depends if the timeshare itself has been paid for.  But, I have a friend who could not afford to keep up with their annual maintenance fees on two timeshares but what they did do was this….timeshares are transferable so they signed over one to their child, they sold one for $500 plus take over the maintenance fees, and the third one they let the company they bought it from just take it back and took the loss.  But now they do not have those issues to concern them in addition to their credit cards.  Just a thought as options.

  • Have you tried calling a local Legal Aid office?  They may be able to review your parents’ situation and determine if they are judgment proof.  

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