Help Save X Trial. Oh, and Never Get Stuck by Friends Again Who Promise to Pay, and Don’t..

Have you ever been in that uncomfortable position of being the organizer of some event or trip between friends and someone didn’t pay what was promised and you got left funding the difference? Yea, me too.

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Crowdtilt has launched in 2012 and makes it their mission to make sure you don’t get left holding the bag. With this service, people pledge to pay or nobody pays.

Crowdtilt charges 2.5% of the money raised to the owner of the project and 2.5% credit card processing fee to contributors, but only if the goal is met. If the funding goal isn’t met, nobody pays and no charges are incurred.

As a trial, I created a Crowdtilt campaign, which you will find below. All of the money raised and received from this campaign will be used to help a consumer, who we have verified, has a desperate financial need.

In years gone by I participated in a program to donate money to those in need. It was always a tough process. Once you identified the person in critical need, the task of raising funds was always problematic. Some would give, others would pledge to give but never paid up.

If Crowdtilt works as it says on the tin then this might be a platform we could use to help fund the needs of readers in need. That would be a cool thing.

You can find our Crowdtilt campaign online here.

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