I Paid Off My Car With My Credit Union But They Won’t Give Me the Title. – Linda

I paid off my car with the credit union they are holding my car title for Visa card payment. The Visa has been turned over to collection agency. For years I have not been able to get my title. I called up the credit union and asked about the title. They sent me a letter on their letterhead releasing the title to me. Then they discovered a few days later they were not suppose to send me that letter.

Can they retrack letter by calling or putting somethin on the DMV database stating not to relese title to me? I was all way told that a everything must be in writing in order for it to be a binding and legal document. This is in writing.

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4 thoughts on “I Paid Off My Car With My Credit Union But They Won’t Give Me the Title. – Linda”

  1. The credit union may not be releasing it because it could be that the Visa card took a lien on it.  You may want to check with that card company.  Also, I would suggest paying that last payment and getting your title and seeing if they would refund your money once the credit card payment goes through.

  2. Linda,

    Begin by contacting the DMV and requesting a duplicate title. If you have a paid in full letter and there is no lien registered, you will get a title and your problem is solved.

    If there is still a lien and it is based on a credit card account, you will need to hire an attorney to see if that is legal in your state.

    Good Luck!

    • But let’s not forget the issue with credit unions and cross-collateralization. The fine print of most credit union loan documents say that the title will be held until all obligations are repaid.


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