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Indiana Tech Institute Didn’t Process My Financial Aid. Now I’m in Debt. – Lashawana

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School that didn’t do their job

I was enrolled in online classes with indiana tech institute. I had two classes in the fall and one class in the winter. I submitted all the forms they ask me to submit before the deadline for my financial aid and now i have a huge debt hanging over my head.

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  • Lashawana,

    Did you end up getting the financial aid after you already signed up for classes? Most schools will refund you the amount of your classes halfway or at the end of the semester as long as you attended class and are passing classes. 

    I would talk to the financial aid office at your school to see when you can get your refund, then either pay school back or use the money to pay off who you owe.

  • Lashawana,

    I am a  little confused. Who do you owe money to? If the school didn’t process your aid forms how did you did you take on debt? If the school permitted you to take classes without being paid or at least processing your aid forms you may owe the school but I would suspect they would be anxious to work with you if they let you enroll for two terms without payment.

    I think you need to have a long talk with the financial aid director at the school and ask him or her how they intend to fix their problem (it isn’t your problem- they’re out the money). 

    I realize I may be missing something here so if your problem differs from my understanding, please let me know.

    Good Luck!

  • Is it possible to have the financial aid applied after the fact? Is there a reason it wasn’t applied?

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