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How Can I Find Out Who I Owe So I Can Settle My Accounts With Credit Solutions? – Peter

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In 2007, I signed up with Credit Solutions to settle a lot of debt. All of the accounts have been settled except for 2. Credit Solutions seems not to be operating anymore after all the lawsuits that began in 2009. I’ve tried the contact form on their website, and I’ve tried calling two of the numbers from their website that still seem to be operational. One of them is always busy, the other will leave you on hold for about 53 minutes before dumping you into a generic voice mailbox.

How can I find contact information for the accounts that I have registered with Credit Solutions? It would seem I’m going to have to attempt to settle them on my own, but I’m not sure who currently owns my debt (it has, no doubt, been sold off at this point).


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  • Hi Peter, 

    Go to and pull your credit report. Considering the nature of your situation, I would pull all three credit reports just to make sure that you identify all of your outstanding accounts. 

    Once you have done so, take a look at the credit reports and look for any unsatisfied or transferred or sold accounts, and make a list. When making your list also make a note of the charge off balance and the date of last payment. The accounts that were sold will be reporting as a zero balance. However, since you’re unaware of what accounts Credit Solutions settled, I’d recommend calling all of them. Just so you can make sure you don’t miss any. 

    Once you have completed your list, search for the statutes of limitations for the state you live in, so you can make sure you still even owe these debts. If you still do, or if you desire to settle them anyway, your next step is to call each original creditor and ask them who they sold or placed the account with. You should be able to obtain their phone numbers via google. It won’t be necessary to find the exact department number, any number to these banks should lead you to a live person that can properly direct you. 

    Feel free to follow up with any additional questions.

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