Debt Articles Watch Out Review. Is the Commercial Hype Really a Herbalife Scam?

Written by Steve Rhode

I was just sitting here enjoying my lunch and a commercial for came on. These types of commercials always get my attention. Typically they make unreasonable claims and promote results most people won’t achieve.

So let’s take a closer look at the commercial.

It begins with a woman who is identified as Jill, a success coach. We never learn Jill’s full name to verify she has a track record of being whatever a success coach is.

Okay, I’ll play along, Jill says the first question you will be asked is, “How much money do you need to make each month”? Jill says the company is but on the screen it says it is

Jill introduces Karen, a depressed looking worried woman. In incredibly fine and almost illegible print it says on the screen that the testimonials are from their most successful and portrayed by professional actors.

Karen says she had four teenagers at home and living payday to payday. There is a sot of Karen and her actor husband sitting on the couch and tossing bills in the air.

By the third month the actor says Karen was banking more than $2,600 a month. Now they are smiling. What Karen doesn’t say is what her expenses were to create that income. It’s not disclosed how much profit, if any, she made.

The fine print that is not an average amount of money to be made.

Jill says, “Listen, this isn’t selling soap or energy water to your friends. This is a real business.” Slam!

But wait to you find out what kind of business opportunity offer this is.
Makes it all the funnier.

Viewers are encouraged to call an get connected with a success coach.

Viewers ar shown a screen that says “As Heard on: Dr. Laura” and risk free statements.

The graphic says this is a multibillion dollar company with a A+ Rating. Jill says they have a AAA rating. Which is it? They also don’t say who the company is or who the rating is from. Red Flags!

They then urge people to visit for a chance to win $1,000. At the bottom of that screen they say:

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Fictional dramatization by professional actors

So which is it, are the testimonials real or fictional? It seems the fine print shows conflicting information.

There is information out there about this “business opportunity.” One site in particular has a lot of information online. See

The website shows a number of people that were paid to endorse this product. The site lists Dr. laura, Sean Hannity, Shirley Strawberry, George Noory, and Mike Gallagher. – Source

The site provides a disclaimer on income:

The earnings of the individuals are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that you can or will earn through your participation in this method. The incomes depicted are representative of some of the most successful participants and the majority of individuals earn less. – Source

If you dig a little deeper in their website you can find an income disclosure statement. The statement seems to not include the average person and is instead focused on the 25% of distributors that reach the rank of supervisor and above. – Source

What is very interesting is that it appears that for 33.1 percent of leaders of this amazing business opportunity the median compensation for the year was $475.

If we look closer at the number it appears that 60 percent of the leader level employees make nothing.

That sure doesn’t sound like a great way to deal with your bills. Thanks for nothing Karen.

Heck, the commercial and site can’t even really be upfront and open about what this is they are really trying to sell you until you get to the very bottom of the website.

Business Method presented is an online method of operating an Herbalife International ® independent distributorship.

The site says it is the property of the Centurion Media Group. – Source is registered by:

Centurion Media Group
Ashley Hogg
PO Box 1132, Lauriston House
Bridgetown, St. Michael’s (BB)

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The company isn’t even located in the U.S., they are in Barbados.

If you fall for this sales job, I wish you the best of luck.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • Herbalife now forbids its distributors to work with CMG. You will lose any distributors you have brought into the company, if you get them through these ads.

    There are dishonest people in every profession. In Herbalife, if they get caught, they get booted. Dishonest bankers get six and seven figure bonuses.

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