Can I Go Back to School If I’m Enrolled in a Debt Management Program? – Kim

I am enrolled in a debt management program but I would like to go back to school. Can I take out a student loan , there website says that it will be reported to my creditors.?

Can I take out a student loan while in DMP?


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6 thoughts on “Can I Go Back to School If I’m Enrolled in a Debt Management Program? – Kim”

  1. Hi Kim, I don’t know the exact answer to ur question, but I can’t believe you ‘d be faulted for wanting to go back to school especially of it will mean a Bette income and increased ability to pay off current debts! Whatever u do, best of luck and God bless u for wanting to improve ur life!

  2. I applied for and received several student loans while I was enrolled in a debt management program (which turned out to be a scam, but that’s another story). I don’t see why you would have any problem.

  3. Kim,

    You should have no issues obtaining a government loan for education. You may even be able to obtain a private loan but that will be subject to the lender’s standards. Your credit counseling agency has a modest role in all this.

    Yes, your accounts on the DMP are reported as being serviced by a credit counseling agency but that only reinforces the obvious– you have too much debt.

    The bigger question concerns your ability to make the student loan payments. If you have planned events so that you will complete the DMP and be out of debt before you need to begin to make payments on your student loan, you are probably ready to apply for government loans. If you will be taking on new payments while still on the DMP, you may want to rethink your plan.

    Good Luck!


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