How Can Alliance8, Freedom Fidelity Management and All State National Take My Money?

Originally i started with Alliance 8 /Freedom Fidelity management 9 moths ago i learned the merge with into All State National.They own me money, because they didn’t settle the reason why i first got into this program, All State wanted me to sign another contract with them and give more money. I have being calling to every-single number that i can find related to this names/companies and its a joke, the voice-mails are full nobody returns calls or there is a life person to help, even the website is a joke….i feel stupid, i know they are not going to give me my money $3,500.00

I don’t understand how these people continues scamming honest people, I WILL NOT RECOMMEND NOBODY TO GET INTO THIS LOW LIFE PROGRAMS, GRAB YOUR PHONE AND SETTLE YOUR DEBS YOUR SELF, THEY ARE ALWAYS WILLING TO HELP…….. STAY AWAY and for those victims like me continue to write and inform the public about these low life scums that are running this operation……thank you..

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