Is The Debt Answer Really Going Under as Alleged?

A reader sent in a tip last week and I reached out to Global Client Solutions for a comment. The Debt Answer did not have an online contact form.

That was five days ago and they still have not responded. Absent any response I will go ahead and publish the reader tip about them so any client of The Debt Answer can contact their representative and verify the rumor.

Make sure you verify the rumor before you take any action. Please report back in the comments with any update you may get.

“The Debt answer is going under. They have laid off most of there staff and at this point they intend to bleed as money as they can from of the clients they have deceived since day one.

They have no attorney on staff or retainer. Their main concern in to keep as many people enrolled as possible so they can get the $45 monthly fee (this comes directly Kervin Jackson).

They tell the clients Global Client Solutions charges this fee . In reality GCS only gets $9.95 the rest goes to The Debt Answer.”

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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