I Moved to Mexico. Can Collection Agencies Come After Me Here for My American Debt? – Pilar

“Dear Steve,

I live in Mexico and I am still legally married. I have debt in my name. Can collection agencies collect or sue my husband?

My husband and I are no longer living together, we separated two months ago. He stayed in AZ and I moved to Mexico and I am not planning in returning to live in the U.S. I left owing some credit cards debt and they just started sending collection notices. My husband and I are not legally separeted or divorced and I never put his name in any of my cards or loans. I could file bankruptcy but I don’t know if I can do it from here or if he will be forced to repay my debt. Please advice.


Dear Pilar,

I’m always a fan of closing the door on old debt so it doesn’t chase you forever and gives you the freedom to move on with a legal fresh start.

I would suggest that you call a bankruptcy attorney in Arizona near where you lived before and consider filing bankruptcy so you can move forward with your life if you do not plan to return and do not have any prospects to repay the debt.

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