James Wants to Know If Capital One Will Take His Car If He Stops Paying His Credit Card

“Dear Steve,

I can not pay my credit cards,because of sickness.

I have a auto loan with Capital One and a credit card with them as well.

If I just pay only my auto loan on time each month and stop paying on the credit card, can they touch my car because I pay one and not the other.


Dear James,

You are in luck. I can’t think of any past case when Capital One would repo a car with a Cap One auto loan because of a failure to pay the Cap One credit card.

This is primarily because it is two different loans that are not tied to each other. Now, I have seen this happen with credit union debt when someone has a credit card, bank account and savings account all with one credit union. What some credit unions have said in the past is if a member defaulted on a credit card account that they would not release the lien on the car loan once it was paid off until the credit card account was paid off.

Even though Capital One is now providing banking services, I’ve still only heard about this car and credit card problem with the credit unions.

Thanks for the question.


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