Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight – Consumer Complaint – 9-25-2012

Consumer Statement:

We have been struggling for over 3 years to recover from loss jobs/income. During this time we have tried to negotiate with the credit card companies; inspite of the media suggesting “to negotiate” with the cr/crd companies this was not a good experience for us.

Hence, here we are today and have settled all but one of our cr/crd which is now with a Debt collector and apparently a judgement (which we have never received) We did try and settle this a year ago and they agreed (on the phone) for an amount which we then started having regular payments drafted. At the point I became aware of the “court action” I went to the court house and that is when I discovered the Judgement for the full amount. Since then it has been a nightmare.

Consumer Action Taken:

I started a debt settlement program with a company and it was working well – until they went out of business. Fast forward a few months I was contacted by JHM&K; I did my research, talked to several agents and thought I had covered all the basis. That was in May 2012. Drafting every month on the 10th. I sold some personal things and had extra money and called and had additional payments made to the (escrow) account. As of last week, Thursday, I was trying to call to make another additional payments and after many many attempts; mail box is full, email addresses are undeliverable and faxes got no response.

Then I read the article posted on Consumer Report – I was astonded and now I am outraged as to how they could take monies from my escrow account – in the name of FEES and NEVER try to settle my debt. So now I am right back where i started. Now I have filed a complaint with the FTC.

Date This Problem Happened: May 10, 2012

State You Live in: Oregon

Race/Ethnicity: White

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Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight

Company Address:

620 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, Calif 92660

Company Telephone Number: 888-382-5530

Website of Company: jhmklaw.com

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4 thoughts on “Jackson Hunter Morris & Knight – Consumer Complaint – 9-25-2012”

  1. I AM a victim of JHM&K!!! how can someone help me???? I am being sied by the cc companies that jhmk said they would handle!!! Now I’m ruined!!! Credit score of nothing (750+ my whole 46 years of life) what can i do? 843-503-5037

    • It is devastating to have this happen – and think that you can trust someone;
      in my experience, you can’t trust ANYONE – I dotted all my i’s and crossed all
      my t’s and I still feel victim –
      JHMK has put everyone of us in a situation that only time will tell if the FTC
      can recoop our monies.
      Desperate people hear what they want to hear – and want an easy fix – and
      can’t believe that someone would be so cruel

  2. If you would like to get these ass$%&*- together, drop a call to 843-503-5037 because they did the EXACT same thing to me this last MAY… MY CREDIT AND FUTURE ARE SHOT BECAUSE OF JHMK!!!!!!!!


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