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Freedom Club USA Offers Debt Settlement Help and Universal Awareness

Written by Steve Rhode

I’ve seen some odd juxtapositions in the debt world but this one is right near the top of the odd list.

A reader brought a recent advertisement to my attention for Freedom Club USA. The advertisement said:

“The following are eligible for debt settlement:

BANK LOANS: US and Canadian bank loan claims can be submitted on current, previous, paid, late, default, bankruptcy, judgment and repossessions. Every bank loan you have had since 1933.

INCOME TAX: US and Canadian income tax claims can be submitted on your lifetime of IRS or CRA tax payments since 1933.

Bronze Features

1) Mortgages: $250,000 ea. (1st, 2nd, refinances)
2) Credit Cards: $100,000 ea. (plus lines of credit)
3) Auto Loans: $100,000 ea. (current and previous)
4) Student Loans: $100,000 ea. (plus demand letters)
5) IRS & CRA Tax: $250,000 (lifetime)

Ambassador Commissions

Ambassadors earn $10,000 on $100,000 programs.
Ambassadors earn $25,000 on $250,000 programs.
Commissions are paid on every claim referred at time member award is paid. – Source

Frankly, the advertisement didn’t make much sense to me so I went and visited to try and learn more about what they were selling.

And the website didn’t make it any clearer.

Are they actually saying that they will give you cash for your debt?

Well apparently that’s exactly what they are claiming. Watch the video below. – Source

Freedom Club USA seems to be pitching the same old tired strawman, UCC, it’s not real debt message that has been repeatedly discredited over and over again.

More videos from Freedom Club USA That Make No Sense


The Freedom USA Club website does not state where they are located on their contact us page. – Source

There is one address for the company that claims to be Freedom Foundation USA, LLC. The billing page says payments are to be mailed to:

Freedom Foundation USA
4002 Hwy 78
Snellville, GA 30039 – Source

This is actually the address of a UPS Store and mail drop. – Source

According the the State of Georgia there is no company called Freedom Foundation USA, LLC that is registered to do business in the state.

However another source on the web says that as of November 24, 2011 Dunn & Bradstreet was reporting that Freedom Foundation USA, LLC has a location in Snellville, GA. Active officers include Tom Lawler. The company’s line of business includes Misc Personal Services.

I was able to locate a listing for Freedom Foundation USA, LLC in Nevada but the company is said to be owned by New Vision Investments, LLC and is located in Reno, Nevada. – Source

This company was formed on April 20, 2004.

New Vision Investments, LLC is a Nevada Corporation and owned by Scott Burnett. – Source

Lawler is associated with Freedom Foundation USA, LLC and Biorenew, LLC.

Biorenew, LLC is located at and the State of Georgia has a listing for this company. It says the company is not authorized in Georgia and was terminated in 2004.

Thomas Lawler is the registered agent of the company and says the agent address was at: 5295 HWY. 78, D147 STONE MOUNTAIN, GA 30087 – Source

The company was closed, allegedly, on July 2, 2004. – Source

But there is a Biorenew, LLC in Nevada that is also owned by New Vision Investments, LLC. – Source

The address for Biorenew, LLC was:

5295 Hwy 78
Suite D-147
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087

The advertisement that lead me here suggested the company was located in Florida. – Source

The State of Florida has no listing for a company called Freedom Foundation USA, LLC.

The Sales Call

In trying to piece together what Freedom Club was trying to sell people in the way of debt relief I came across their last conference call. You can listen to it below.

The full call is about 2.5 hours long.

In the beginning of the call the founder is introduced as Tom but no last name is given.

Around 3:18 into the call we hear about the expanded galactics that are available to channel. Tom says at 9:43 they have over 8,000 members. (The homepage says 8,000 member families with 16,000+ individual members) The speaker launches into discussions about the history of money and that governments are corporations and if entities are fraudulent then is it ok to steal from fraudulent groups? And it goes on and on for an hour and a half. Then the call launches into the business opportunity presentation which involves points and you can make thousands as victims of the government.

More talk about sovereignty, fake money, imaginary bank money, how you could make a claim the bank owes you the amount of your credit line on your credit card even if you have not borrowed against it.

Then they take calls from listeners and there is more discussion about ambassadors and what sounds like a bit of multilevel marketing.

And then there is talk about how the head of the IRS resigned because he was ordered to shutdown the IRS several months ago while the “grunts in the field continue to rape and pillage.” The speaker says he knows who gives the orders but is not able to share who he believes has ordered the shutdown of the IRS which is to be followed by the closure of the Canadian tax authority. It is said that money collected by the IRS after expenses is sent off to “the families” in Europe.

The Sales Pitch

Here is a sample conversation that is given in a presentation for Freedom Club USA ambassadors.

Let me attempt to outline a conversation and how you might interact: Let’s say the person is talking about their work, perhaps working 2 jobs and struggling. You might say “If there was a way to become debt free, what would that mean to you?” NOW LISTEN TO THEIR RESPONSE!! Depending on there answer, it will lead you to your next question.

If the person’s response was “I have thought about how I could get a better paying job, but I have no college degree and I guess there is no way out.” You might say by repeating part of their response “I can appreciate your feelings and I understand how you may feel that there is not way out, if there was a way to relieve your financial and stressful situation, would that be important to you?” (This is called a reflective response, you repeat or reflect back to the person what they just said and also add a possible solution, it tends to relax the person and get them to open up to you a little more) Then you would say “Let me ask you a few more questions.”

“When you purchased your last car, who loaned you the money?” NOW LISTEN TO THEIR RESPONSE!! They will typically say “THE BANK”.

NOTE: This is very important, you need to hesitate in responding to them. WHY? By hesitating it will cause them to re-think the question. Watch their eyes, they may say “Isn’t that right? At that point you could say, “What if I were to say, YOU funded your own loan!” They might say “How is that possible? DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GIVE AN ELABORATE ANSWER (SEE STEP 5 ABOVE)!! Tell them, “I will come back to that, let me ask you a couple of more questions” and move on to your next question!

Let me ask you, “Is the Federal Reserve System a Federal Agency?” LISTEN TO THEIR RESPONSE!! Almost everyone will say, YES.

Again, HESITATE!! Watch their eyes, they may add “Isn’t that right? At this point you would say “no, it is a private corporation!” Don’t elaborate, Move onto your next question!

At this point you might say, “Look, I know you are working hard, you are under a lot of stress trying to make ends meet. If you could be debt free, what would that mean to you?” AGAIN, LISTEN TO THEIR RESPONSE! Let’s assume you receive a positive response, then you might say………

I belong to FREEDOM CLUB USA, we are an Educational club with a mission to help each of us gain personal freedom that includes financial, emotional, health and spiritual freedom. Another very important part of our mission is once we have achieved our personal freedom, it is important for us to help others in need, PAY IT FORWARD.

I INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR WEB SITE AND DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND DUE DILIGENCE. IF IT LOOKS RIGHT TO YOU AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE, GIVE ME A CALL. Here is my business card that gives you information on the web site, my phone number if you have any questions. Also please notice that my Ambassador number is _____________. You will need this to move forward with the club.

Hand them your business card. – Source

More Sales Presentation Material

From presentation – Source, Source

And from the suggested email that can be used to recruit new members:

Dear American and Canadian Worker,

Are you out of work or tired of your stressful and unfulfilling job?

At this moment, you are entitled to $100,000 to $250,000 for each of the following you have or had:

$100,000 award for each credit cards, auto loans, student loans

$250,000 award for each mortgage

$250,000 award for your lifetime IRS or CRA payments

Freedom Club USA has worked 7 years with governmental and financial systems to establish a very high level access to process claims for all who have or had any US or Canadian bank loans or have paid federal taxes to the IRS or CRA.

Your award:

1) Mortgages: $250,000 ea.
(1st, 2nd, refinances)

2) Credit Cards: $100,000 ea.
(plus lines of credit)

3) Auto Loans: $100,000 ea.
(current and previous)

4) Student Loans: $100,000 ea.
(plus demand letters)

5) IRS & CRA Tax: $250,000


Bank Loans
Not repaid
Available to all with US or Canadian bank loans
Current, old, paid, default, repossession, suit, bankruptcy – all OK
No restrictions
Have you paid money to the IRS or CRA?
You qualify

Why am I due this award?

Since bank charters do not allow them to loan their own money, their depositors money nor their credit, you may wonder who funded your own loans. In fact, you did. Upon all our births an account was established in your UPPER CASE name (Strawman) which is the source of funds for all ‘loans’. The bank simply acted as a middle man to access your account with the implied permission by your signature on your promissory note.

Instead of providing you these funds for a nominal fee, they made it appear it was their own money they were lending. The courts have gone along with this deception working with the banks. All the money you were forced to pay the bank (under duress if you don’t) is considered “conversion” by law and you are due compensation.

FCUSA works on your behalf:

FCUSA works for you using the same financial system in reverse to provide you compensation through an Administrative Remedy claim. Just as you were not aware of your Strawman account funding your loan, neither is the bank CEO aware as we access his Strawman account to compensate you. This is a win-win process. Neither the bank incurs any harm nor does the financial system add any new debt. Thus, your award never needs to be paid back.

How can I share this information?

FCUSA has an Ambassador program that will earn you $10,000 – $25,000 (10% commission) for each claim from another you refer. – Source

The Membership Agreement

I was able to locate a Freedom Club USA membership agreement that says it was current as of April 27, 2012.

Here are some observations after reviewing it.

While the company Freedom Foundation USA, LLC says it is doing business as Freedom Club USA, they also list a Georgia “primary mailing address.” But as shown above the company is not registered to do business in Georgia.

Member payments for programs must be made only by money order or cashiers check. And these payment are not refundable or transferable.

The fees are listed as:

Probably the most interesting parts of this agreement for me are:

  • Privacy: Member agrees to not disclose to any parties outside of their direct family, FCUSA and essential financial parties regarding any amounts a member has received as a result of any educational process offered by FCUSA.
  • Inquiries. Member agrees to respond to any inquiries from law enforcement or legal authorities or courts that you are under a non-disclosure contract and cannot divulge any details of this agreement or with whom it is made.
  • Entrapment. Member agrees to disclose in writing to FCUSA headquarters that if true, the member is an agent for Federal, State, or Local agencies being officially or unofficially on a mission of entrapment or for any investigative purposes immediately upon or before entering into this agreement.
  • Termination. Either party may terminate this agreement without cause. FCUSA may terminate any membership do to any violations of this agreement including a breach of or threatened breach of this contract.

    Termination without cause: Should Contractor elect to end their Member status, they will be paid for all commissions and submitted paid programs up to their resignation date.

    Termination with cause: Should Contractor be removed due to breach, all unpaid commissions will be forfeited to Company. All educational processes submitted or in process will be forfeited to Company. No refunds will be provided to Contractor for any fees paid to Company. – Source

Bottom Line

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Why hasn’t Mr Lawler been arrested. There was a warrant t this month but nothing happened. He is still advertising this scam. The man is delusional if not totally insane!!

  • Police: Don’t fall victim to recent scams

    ELKO — If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    “Freedom Club USA” is the subject of a spam email being spread throughout the community, according to Elko police.

    The author, named Sue DeShaw, offers the reader “financial freedom” from loans, mortgages and other payments.

    “It sounds a little bit hinky,” Operations Lt. Ty Trouten said.

    The message continues to offer new members an exaggerated amount of money to pay off all of their debts.

    A list of phone numbers and email addresses is at the bottom, welcoming anyone interested in joining.

    But don’t try to contact them, Trouten warned.

    “The idea is that anytime you get something via email or online and you click (a link), you may have just granted (fraudulent individuals) access to your information,” he said. “It’s called ‘phishing.’”

    According to police, Freedom Club USA is not the only scam currently plaguing the Elko area.

    An individual named Leon Felix (or Felix Leon) has begun to contact residents, claiming he needs confirmation of an individual’s identity in order to deliver a package that was sent.

    When calling the phone number listed, a “speaker with a Spanish accent” asks for personal information not necessary to receive such a package.

    When delivery services, such as UPS, require a signature or authenticity of identification, the messenger will ask you for that information at the door, not over the phone, Trouten said.

    This is especially the season to be weary of scams like these, because “it’s that time of year when people do get packages,” he said.

    Only two incidents, one for each scam, have been reported to the police so far, but the department would like to prevent more from occurring.

  • FCUSA claims that US currency is just a piece of paper, etc. then why do they want your 3300 pieces of paper???? They should ask member to pay in precious metals… Retarded scam in my opinion. I found out about this because my retired relative joined this so called “club”, and she believes that she’ll become a millionaire in any second, and is burning through her life savings. In Russia similar scams were made during the devaluation of a RUB. Those guys who issued fake notes, are still living it up in Bahamas.

  • Yeah no kidding. The media missed out in the most momentous change in the financial system in our lifetime but Tom Lawler of Snellville GA knows about it.

    None of the tens of thousands of government employees who work for these entities has told anyone that the Fed is now under control of the Treasury but Tom Lawler of Snellville GA knows about it.

    And of course the 99% of the cabal that’s been rounded up, placed in containment units and replaced by holograms has been undetected by their colleagues, friends, family and the general public but Tom Lawler of Snellville GA knows about it.

    You have to ask people like FCUSA ROCKS… Since all these things being reported by Tom Lawler are clearly complete lies (and in the realm of science fiction) why would you still believe anything Tom Lawler says?

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