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Liberty Credit Law, National Home Mortgage Help Center – Consumer Complaint – 10-10-2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

The phone number I called was on TV as the National Home Mortage Help Center Inc……But I was connected to liberty credit law….after answering their quiestions…I was told that I was a prime candidate for A loan modification…They said the charge would be…$3099.00 And their would be no other costs or appraisl fees…& that they could even remove my X-Wifes name from the loan (her name isnt on the house) I gave them my income verificactions and all the other paperwork they needed…..that was back in march….thru june & july it was mostly confirm this confirm that refax this refax that at the end of july a man called mr spector called and said they were proceeding forward and not to talk to my mort company anymore if they called me (they never did)…I recieved a letter from my mort. co. (homeward residential) (another scam operatoion) that stated the would send all future corrrisspondence to liberty credit law…..My paymen slips get forwarded to me from liberty credit law & I’ve been paying them to my mort. co on time every month since August…SO FAR nothing else has been done about a loan modification…I have All My paperwork but its to hard to download to this complaint for me the DATE THIS PROBLEM HAPPENED should be DATE THIS PROBLEM STARTED for mine anyway What I cant figure out is how they get Mort. Co.s to go along with all this crap with out ever questioning any of it I Guess I just sit around and wait? They wont even call to give me an update on whats happening with my case

Consumer Action Taken:

I called on numerous occasions to find out the status but its always the same answer “we’re working on it” you never get the same person on the phone twice and never a real Attorney only illeagle assistants my most recent call The told me That it would be easier to get me a loan modification if I was in default…..well I’m not going to default for these crooks so right now nothing else is being done…I called back and told them I thought the whole thing was a scam and I wanted my money back Since I doubted they would ever get me a loan modification But they said NO REFUND that I hadnt been turned down….how would you know if you were turned down anyway ? My mort. co. doesnt correspond with me since liberty credit law took over LETS PUT THESE PEOPLE BEHIND BARS ! I even got loud with a woman and told her Id drive to the office to see her she sai d I was threating her and she was calling the police so i told he OK lets call the FEDS too! & see who gets arrested Well nothing Happened with that either

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Date This Problem Happened: March 1, 2012

State You Live in: Indiana

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,099

Company Name: Liberty Credit Law, National Home Mortgage Help Center

Company Address:

117 KinderKamack Rd.
River Edge, NJ 07661

Company Telephone Number: 866-217-2399

Website of Company:

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