Will My Unpaid University Debt Prevent Me From Staying in the UK? – Raj

“Dear Jon,

I was a student who came to the UK in 2009. I was enrolled for a course, which I did not complete. End 2009, I got a Tier 2 visa and started working. Now it’s time to extend my visa. I had paid my agent who arranged my student visa in 2009 all the money for the course that I did not attend, but the agent did not pay the complete sum. While I was working, the college sends me messages telling me that I owe them the remaining amount. They have transferred this file to a debt collection agency and they have contacted me twice and no more contacts since then.

My question is this. Will this unpaid debt will affect my extension of visa and perhaps the PR application in the future?



That is a good question to ask the agent or company handling your Visa or also Immigration/Home Office Border Agency, but to my knowledge no, it should not affect your Visa or renewing a Visa.

Having worked with people who required a work Visa to stay in the UK, and also who subsequently received a settlement Visa, disclosing of finances was only to insure they could provide for themselves and not immediately go on benefits. No where on any of the forms does it ask about debt(s) or who you owe, or anything about a credit history check. You need to show bank statements for personal savings and wages to support your application, but again to my knowledge no credit issues are looked at.

If you do owe the money, can you afford to set-up a repayment plan? If so this would help in resolving the situation. Last thing you may need is someone getting a CCJ against you and look to enforce it through bailiffs or other means.



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