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“Dear Jon,

I have been living in Dubai for 4 years and enjoyed every single minute of it. Sadly i was made redundant and could not secure another job, so I had to bounce my two apartment cheques for around 24,000 Dirhams. The owner said that he filed a case, but a friend of mine in Dubai has a friend at the police apartment in the UAE and i give him frequently my passport number to check if there is a complaint against me. He said there is nothing against my passport. I want to go back to Dubai in 3 months as I still have friends there. I am just a little afraid that I come to immigration and get arrested despite checking my passport all the time.

in the event that I may get arrested but I have the money on me would i be spared jail time? Can I rely on the information I been given that my passport is clear? What could I do to be really sure?



That’s a tough one my friend. In just looking at this logically if there is no warrant filed against you, then you should be OK in returning, however you do need to be sure of this. How accurate is your friend’s information? You also may want to inquire with the local police there, a solicitor or Immigration.

As to if you were arrested could you just pay the amount owed and be done with it, I cannot say. There may be other fees involved.

If you have the money to pay the debt, why haven’t you just paid it to avoid the issue of being arrested?



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