Will I Be Arrested in a GCC Country if I Have An Outstanding Debt in the UAE? – Kumar

“Dear Jon,

I was in UAE and worked for 05 years and had a perosnal loan of AED 100000 ( i had paid my imonlthly instalmentys for 03 years, but i am not aware of the balance) and some credit cards of around AED 50000, before i left UAE in 2010, since i had lost my job.

Now, I got a good offer in other GCC Country and got the visa. Can I travel without any fear and accept the job and once i am stable i will contact the bank for repayment in instalments.. I came to know UAE had lifted all interpol notices regarding to bank and bouncing of cheques.



Are you certain a warrant has or has not been issued for you due to the outstanding debt(s)?

You need to confirm this, possibly by inquiring with the police where you lived in the UAE, or speaking to a solicitor there.

If there is a warrant issued for you, then going to a GCC country may be an issue as you can be arrested in a GCC country for the outstanding debt/warrant.

I would also speak to who handled your Visa as to if the extent of the process and background information looked into. You need to be sure all will be OK.

Once you are sure of this and working in the new job, you can attempt to pay back the debts, but you may find it difficult as each bank/creditor may want the entire debt paid in one lump sum.

Let me know.



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