Real Estate Defense Law Group Called Me to Sell Me Mortgage Modification Help. – Rita

“Dear Steve,

I got called by in Boca Raton.. I am in a very bad way with my mortgage and this company wants 5,000 to help me.. are they legitimate?


Dear Rita,

The minute I hear about a company calling to sell you some type of help my radar goes wild. Let’s put this into context, someone is trying to sell you something. It’s a sales pitch and you should evaluate it as a sales pitch.

The Federal Trade Commission passed the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule that says it is illegal for anyone to be charged advance fees for mortgage help. Some attorneys think there is a loophole to exploit and can charge advance fees.

According to the website the company has a couple of different names. They call themselves The Real Estate Defense law Group and Defense Law Team. – Source

And according to the Florida Bar record for the attorney behind it, Harvey Scholl, his practice is actually yet another name, Scholl Partners.

If you need help figuring out what your mortgage options are, let’s start with the free approach first. You can contact a free HUD Housing Counselor for help. Their assistance is government subsidized so there is no cost to you.

After that, if you decide you still want to proceed with the Defense Law Group, or whoever they are, then check them out.

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And by the way, the domain has its ownership hidden so we don’t even really know who is behind it.

And even more troubling is the fact that the State of Florida reports The Real Estate Defense Law Group is not registered to conduct business. Their corporate charter was dissolved on September 28, 2012.

As a bonus, when the person from this company calls them back, ask them for their Florida telemarketing license number and let me know what it is.

Red flags all around here.

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  1. its troubling, since they tried to sell me as Defense Law Group, but tried to send me to the Harvey Scholl PA better business bureau link where he has an A, but defense law group has an F !!! They are obviously a scam group


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