Don’t Be Fooled by This Vehicle Extended Warranty Mailer from Vehicle Protection Center

Update 4-10-2015: Lyle Cameron sent in an error report on this story and said, “This company is not a scam and only uses top administrators in the Vehicle Service Contract industry. Not to remove the post but to correct the information here and an apology from the creator for spreading information that isn’t true.” He did not indicate what information was not true at the time the story was originally published on 12-18-2012.

A tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in the mailer below and it’s a good opportunity to remind readers not to be fooled by extended warranty offers.

Below you will see a post card that is being sent to consumers that could be easily misinterpreted as a mailer from the vehicle manufacturer.

It looks very official and has a generic name on it, Vehicle Protection Center. I called the number on the card, 1-800-435-1130 and spoke with a representative that tried very hard to sell me extended warranty protection. He said that the Vehicle Protection Center handles Honda extended warranty service.

The representative does say that they are located in Saint Peters, Missouri on Mid Rivers Mall Drive. It appears to be this company.

While the postcard and sales representative insist that the company name is Vehicle Protection Center, that is actually a registered fictitious name for NRRM, LLC. NRRM, LLC is actually the consolidated company formed by Auto Warranty Protections Services, Inc. and National Dealers Warranty, Inc. Rudge Gilman was the president at the time of the consolidation and Nicholas Hamilton was the Secretary. – Source

It appears that both Gilman and NRRM appeared before on this site in Beware of Stop Repair Bills for Auto Warranty Contracts Says BBB.

The Auto Warranty Postcard

Before you elect to accept any such offer to sell extended vehicle warranty coverage to you, it is important to be aware that the offer does not come from your car manufacturer and there is no evidence it is supported or honored by the manufacturer.

Make sure that you receive a copy of the coverage terms and conditions before you give up any personal information or sign on the dotted line. If you want to compare the cost versus benefit, take the details on the coverage to the place you normally have work on your vehicle done and ask them if they would accept such coverage.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off.


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52 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled by This Vehicle Extended Warranty Mailer from Vehicle Protection Center”

  1. *Also known as Powertrain Enhanced Service or Advanced Vehicle Protection Center and through? American Auto Shield*

    This is an absolute scam with terrible customer service. I, being the dumb dumb that I am, signed up for the Auto Coverage for my new-to-me vehicle after “my protection specialist” told me that I couldn’t call back because the coverage offer wouldn’t be available. (First Red Flag, folks.) He said many times, though, that I could get my $169 downpayment completely refunded within 30 days and that the call was recorded. I thought it would be a hassle to refund, but probably not too bad, right?


    As soon as I was able to get the right contact information from the protection specialist (which took 3 phone calls by the way), I was on hold for about 20 minutes.

    Then it really got bad.

    I spoke to a representative who would not only not let me speak, he undermined both me as a woman saying phrases like “is your husband there?” and “it sounds like your husband is making you cancel this service, not you.” (Um, how dare you?) He kept asking irrelevant questions, and truly would not let us get a single word out. At one point he questioned my husband’s common sense! He said phrases like “you have not given me a logical reason to cancel this coverage.”

    Here is the real kicker – After a 20-minute phone call of questioning our intelligence and being generally the worst, he said “fine, you will get your refund in 7 days” and HUNG UP ON US IMMEDIATELY.

    Needless to say, do not fall for this crap. I learned my lesson the hard way, but please be smarter than me! Stay away!

  2. There is now a “hit” contract out for the owner and employee(s) of this “company”. Should be all cleaned up pretty soon. Should not be a problem in a few weeks.

  3. In my opinion, they are engaged in deceptive advertising at least in Texas. Their letters strongly imply one is a customer by using customer i.d.s even though one has not purchased anything from them and purchased a manufacturer’s warranty. Highly Deceptive.


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