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It Looks Like Brian Suder of the RELC Has Moved to the MBS Litigation Group

Written by Consumer

The following is from a tipster (send in your tips here).

It looks like Brian Suder of the RELC, Chad Pratt Attorney, Mass Tort Lender Lawsuit scam has moved to the MBS Litigation Group. I did some googling and went to the website and found that Mitch Tarter, Esquire and the M.Tarter Law Office is the new Attorney behind the curtains with Brian Suder on this one.

As fast as the RELC, Chad Pratt, Litigation Compliance Law Center, LCLC websites went up, they came down just as fast when the complaints about the scam and the heat started to come. Now the Chance Gordon phone network and Brian Suder have a new home.

Stay tuned and monitor MBS Litigation Group, US Legal Network, Mitch Tarter, Jenny Kwon, Brian Suder.

From: Brian Suder
Date: December 19, 2012, 6:21:33 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: NEW Platforms for Affiliates

Hi Everyone,

As most of you all know, I have moved departed from Litigation Compliance Law Center and Real Estate Law Center. I now work with MBS Litigation Group & Penny 60 Pro

MBS Litigation Group offers VERY aggressive Mass Tort cases on a Federal Level.

NOTE: Most cases that are fought on the federal leverl against major lenders are won in the same Federal Court House that MBS is fighting their cases. They are suing all of the major lenders.

Penny 60 Pro offers Penny Option Auctions.

NOTE: The Wall Street Journal ranks this as the 3rd fastest growing industry in the country.

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss these platform.


Brian Suder
US Legal Network
3136 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Studio City, Ca. 91604
P: 424-281-8137

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  • Brian Suder is the ultimate, manipulative scammer, that will
    go to great lengths to cause hardship with anyone he meets. He has crushed
    peoples reputation both in business and online. He has fake LinkedIn accounts
    and fake Facebook accounts to try to push down the enormous amounts of
    RipOffReports he has under his name. He has pointed blame to everyone, while
    anyone that has done business with him knows firsthand he is a horrible,
    disgusting person. The state of California should have kept him in jail for
    much longer than 1 year.

    • If I had ripped you off so bad then why didn’t you sue me. Please. Lets settle this court. I have zero criminal record. ZERO. Bottom Line: I own multiple businesses and have run over 8 Law Firms in the past 7 years. Our business and legal world can be very tough. I have hired over 1,000 people and fired well over 300 people through those years. The person who wrote this initial post was one of my affiliates. I hired him at RELC and my lawyer partner fired him on the spot because he had a bad feeling about him. I allowed the person to stay in my affiliate data base because I didn’t think he had animosity towards me. I thought he would be pissed at my business partner. Not me. Apparently not.
      You, who is writing this sounds like one of my former businesses partners. I know exactly who you are and I left your operation because you were in trouble with the FBI. I work in the legal field and will not be associated with anyone in the that has Fraud issues. You know I have a family member who use to work for the FBI and I did help you with your criminal case. I helped you get paid jail. Not a bad legal strategy if I may say so myself.

  • these guys will be served soon. Pleas edo NO business with them. their attorney has had his bank acccounts frozen in New York and New Jersey. Suder is a psychopath and woman beater by record and abuser. He is scared of himself.

    • Kurt. You were an affiliate signed up with Mitch Tarter to sell Lender Litigation. Your issue is with Mitch, not me. We all had our problems with Mitchel Tarter. He ended up having a severe drinking problem and we all worked in junction with the NJ and NY state bars to remove his license. Furthermore, we worked hand and hand with the attorney protection fund departments both in New York and New Jersey to get refunds to clients who were victims of former attorney Mitch Tarter. I received a phone call from Mitch recently apologizing for his behavior and he has found a new job in the insurance world.

  • Brian Suder left RELC leaving many people referring him business with no forwarding information and promises of payment. He is now with Mitch Tarter MBS Litigation whose licensed is suspended in NJ and delinquent in NY. they promised litigation but don’t perform. Suder has been convicted in MD and WA as practicing as a licensed mortgage broker without a license. These truths can be found on Google. They owe me money and probably others and have lied to get fees prepaid. I am reporting them to the CA AG and DRE. DO NOT trust them.

    • Kurt. Nothing has ever happened to me either civilly nor criminally because I never did anything wrong. I did receive fines from the states of WA and MD and paid them. In 2008-2009, I owned one of the largest Loss Mitigation Companies in the country during that period. At that point, each state was determining which state regulatory department would oversee this new industry that became larger than life in 2008 as a result of the mortgage meltdown. Every week there was a new regulation we had to stay on top of. We had to monitor separate regulations in each state. I hired full time general council to monitor this and we even did set lawyer models in WA and MD but some deals slipped through the cracks. Note: We represented over 5,000 homeowners nationwide. Ultimately, the regulations became too much and I had to shut down operations. As a result, many attorneys heavily recruited me to replicate my business model under an attorney model, Hence why and how law firms like RELC and MBS were created.

  • This author has been vilanized by Suder and company as an extortionist. Thinking this was a great opportunity to help my clients but never was comfortable enough to refer clients no matter the financial reward. Over time the author will prove to be correct, hopefully potential clients will do their due diligence.

    • You are not a licensed L.O. You are my former business partner. This is simply a response because I told others about your Fraud conviction. That is the bottom line. I cannot and will not work with anyone convicted of FRAUD.

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