My Credit Score Sucks. How Can I Make It Better? – Thomas

“Dear Steve,

I have a great job $80k a year, two kids and a wife who watches the two children destroy our home all day.

I’m 28 and all of my debt is a whopping $500 or so. The debts are from companies like At&t they claim I didn’t return my equipment (I did), so I refused to pay them $80 for it, so they sent me to collections. Late payments on credit card, several times. Sent to collections for other utility bills when I was 18-20. Most of everything is late payments.

I have no lines of credit, no “real debt” and a lot of cash on hand.

What do I do to build my credit up from a 416 credit score?


Dear Thomas,

The good news is that the process is really very simple.

Clean up the old stuff, make payments on-time from now on and read How to Easily Rebuild Your Credit and Have Good Credit Again.

The bigger issue here is that by avoiding credit you’ve got nothing to score you on except past mistakes. If you follow my guide you’ll have much better credit.

I’d suggest you consider going to and signing up for their free credit score monitor so you can watch your score rise.

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