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Litigation Law Group – Consumer Complaint – February 4. 2013

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

January 22, 2013

Litigation Law Group
505 S. Villa Real Dr St. 100
Anaheim CA 92807
RE: Modification on Loan [ ] & [ ]

Dear Chris:

We are very unhappy and disappointed in Litigation Law Group for not being successful with getting a modification of our home mortgage as is documented and explained below. As we have been told by you and your staff, LLG refunds our money if you are not successful in achieving a modification of our home mortgage, therefore, we are asking for our full refund of $2,995.00 by 2/22/13.

If you do not issue us a full refund then I plan to send a copy of our complaint to the following people:
1.Our State Attorney General’s Office
2.Your State Attorney General’s Office
3.The Bar Association with my state and your state
4.The Better Business Bureau
5.The Consumer Affairs Office
6.The Federal Trade Commissions
7.Local television stations in my state which does consumer investigations
8.The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
9.The Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

On September 19, 2012, I called Litigation Law Group because we had received a mailing that we could qualify for a home modification. I spoke with Martha who first told me that we had to see if we qualify first so she collected some information and would have someone in her office give me a call back within 24 hours to see if we qualify. On September 20th we received a call back from Rafael Gonzalez who told us that we do qualify for 2% interest rate on our first mortgage, reducing our principle to $202,000 and that our new payment including insurance and taxes would be $1,112.72. He also told us that we also qualify to have our second mortgage eliminated. He also told us that the bank HAS TO give us the modification if we qualify, so my husband and I decided to go ahead and work with Litigation Law Group to proceed with getting this modification, since we were getting to the point where we weren’t going to be able to afford our mortgage for much longer. I then spo ke with Martha again that day, to which I explained that Litigation is our last hope of help, since we also have a child with special needs and we needed to get this modification as soon as possible to avoid having to go into foreclosure, so she gave us a break on the price and we only had to give $2,995 instead of $3,500. She also explained that once we get all the paper work and payment back to them that it would take 30 – 120 days and that we would have a processor and a negotiator assigned to our case and we would get updates every 2 weeks. She also proceeded to tell us that our money goes into a holding account and we get that money back IF Litigation Law Group is not able to get us the modification. I then got an email from Rafael that same day with an attachment of all the paperwork that needed to be completed and returned. The first thing I noticed was that he sent me two loan forgiveness letters, both addressed to two different people and not the correct a ccount numbers. I emailed him and Martha about this and asked for OUR loan forgiveness letter, since it was obviously a mistake and in the mean time I proceeded to get the required documentation together, which I got together and mailed off within 24 hours. On September 26th Martha called me to tell me that she sent our file over to the processor and we’d get updated within 2 weeks. I also never got OUR correct loan forgiveness letter that I had emailed both Martha and Rafael about twice!!

On October 5th I received an email from Leila Hammond, our processor, who needed more documents, which I emailed to her immediately. On October 26th, I received a phone call from Leila Hammond who needed me to send all the documentation AGAIN due to a flood that they had in their office, to which I was VERY upset because an entire month had gone by and we were still in the “gathering paper work stage” instead of it already getting over to the bank and I told her that time was running out for us! That evening I got all the paperwork emailed right back to her and then I went to the post office the next day and paid MORE MONEY to get the tax papers re-sent priority mail.

On November 7th we received a phone call from Noelle Puri who said that MORE documentation was needed. I then called her and told her that we were very unhappy with the process of this modification, we were running out of time AND MONEY and we wanted our money back. She gave me name and phone number of the person who handles the refunds, Paul DeGesu, and also emailed him and copied me on the email that I wanted a full refund. That evening we received a phone call from Leena Green, the negotiator assigned to our case, who apologized for all that had happened and encouraged us to stay with it and that SHE was going to be dealing with and working on getting our modification. We decided to continue with the process. She was going to update us within 2 weeks.

On December 4th I called Leena to find out where we stand since I hadn’t gotten any updates either via my email requests or phone calls. So I contacted Paul and left him a message that we were done with this process and wanted our money back. He called back that evening and he told us that Abby Orellana had called us back several times and that more documentation was needed from us. I told Paul that we NEVER received any messages from Abby and we never got an email asking for more documentation. We then told him that we just wanted our money back because this was ridiculous with how much time this was taking and finding out that MORE documentation was still needed after over 8 weeks into this process. He said we weren’t getting our money back because Litigation Law Group hasn’t NOT gotten our modification and that their policy is to refund the money if LLG DOES NOT end up getting the modification for us. He told us to contact him if no one was getting b ack to us and he would make sure that we got taken care of, as he knew AND told us that our case was EXPEDITED due to our financial situation. That evening I then emailed him and Abby the needed documentation.

On December 20th I received a letter from Bank of America stating that we do not qualify for the HAMP because we did not obtain our loan on or before January 1, 2009. I then emailed a copy of this letter to both Paul and Abby on December 21st asking what happens next and got no response. I called both of them AND emailed both of them on January 3rd to see if our file is still being worked on and still no response as of January 18th. I can only be lead to believe that our case is no longer being worked on. If it is, I have no idea by whom and where we are in the process because NO ONE is responding to my inquiries either by phone or email, therefore I am requesting a full refund of $2,995.00.

Consumer Action Taken:

Sent this letter by certified mail and they received it on 1/28/13. I have not received the signature card back and my guess is they haven’t even opened the letter. I also emailed the letter to the refund dept. Emails are no longer getting through.

Date This Problem Happened: October 5, 2012

State You Live in: Massachusetts

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,995

Company Name: Litigation Law Group

Company Address:

505 S. Villa Real Dr
St. 100
Anaheim, CA 92807

Company Telephone Number: 714-919-7200

Website of Company:

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