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Innovative Wealth Builders – Consumer Complaint – February 7, 2013

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I recieved a phone call from innovative wealth builders a couple days before Christmas stating how I can save 5,000 off the 10,000 I currently owe.I thought it sounded good since Christmas was coming up and I knew I was going to rack up a high credit card bill and listened to the man speaking to me (Bill Pauckert) he then askes for my discover credit card number.I was hesitant at first but I gave it to him figuring he wasnt asking for some security code he said someone would need to use the card. Then this other man came on the line ( Zack Alli) he explained the program to me. He explained to me how much they would save me and had me write down 2 guarantes. The first was to get me out of debt twice as fast. The second was a minimum savings of 3,500 in 30 days off my card. Then he explained to me a fee. I thought there was no fee but Zack said that they were going to charge my card 1,595.I said no immediately. He told me that I dont come &rdqu o; out of pocket” for it. He said it would come from the 3,500 they are guaranteed to save me and I would never have to send in anything to my credit card company for it. After a while of going back and forth I agreed because I began to trust him. That was my worst mistake. Now a moth later I get my bill. There’s savings, they charged my card $1,595 twice and $799.00 twice and now my minimum payment is out of this world.

Consumer Action Taken:

I contacted the company and no one answered for a while. So I went online and saw that the Federal Trade Commision has closed the company down. I kept calling and eventually someone answered and explained to me the company is shut down. I asked how to get my money back the man told me I must wait because there are alot of clients they have to work with but they will get to me and get the money back. I dont have time to wait so I called discover to get the charges off. Discover said theres nothing they can do. I have to speak with the company. But theres no company!! What do I do? Please help

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Date This Problem Happened: December 26, 2012

State You Live in: New York

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,000

Company Name: Innovative Wealth Builders

Company Address:

28059 us highway 19 north suite 300
clearwater, florida 34678

Company Telephone Number: 888-748-5760

Website of Company:

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  • Wow! That type of scam is outrageous. Clever, but outrageous. I find it interesting that this individual initially doubted the company, but changed his mind. Scammers are crafty, though, and they did their job well in this case. Lesson learned, though, for this consumer. Never, ever give your credit card into to someone over the phone – especially if you have a gut feeling.

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