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Merrywood Loan Explorer UK – Consumer Complaint – February 11, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I applied for a loan and was under the impression that i had been accepted and add my details to proceed with the loan but the next page was thank you for your payment i never agreed for any company to take a payment it was deception what they done i was tricked by a British company not a boiler house in Spain or a Nigerian con man all together i have been hit by 3 loan company’s greenleaf finance £49.99 moneyware house £23.14 merrywood loans £69.95 the knock on effect has been the worse thing missed direct debits bank fees etc

Consumer Action Taken:

i have emailed these company’s i have wrote these company’s letters i have informed my bank the next step is police as this was theft and deception

Date This Problem Happened: November 1, 2013

State You Live in: Gateshead

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: £69.95

Company Name: Merrywood Loan Explorer UK

Company Address:

2 horsham
west sussex RH13 5PJ
United Kingdom

Company Telephone Number: 01403215760

Website of Company:

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • gayehuff

    I to have been ripped off 4 a “service” i niether asked 4 or consented to? These company’s r nothin short of robbers & thieves. i spoke to sme1 a week ago who told me it wud take 7 days to b refundrd. i am just about to ring bck now & enquire wen my money will b refunded….
    wish me luck.
    just to add wen i spoke to my bank told me ttto cancel my card. then they will b unable to extract any more of yur funds. i will post results followin my nxt telephone conversation with these thievin scumbags.

  • mummy1112

    Merrywood loan is a disgrace!!!
    I am a young mum wwith 2 small children have never applied for loans or any sort of credit.. But going to the bank I discovered there was 3payments took out which I didn’t have a clue out off 210 pound I was able to lift £14.. I rang merrywood the following morning an d the woman Said 3 days.. Yes the 3 days have gone do rang back and they said 3-5 days and yes 5 days have went so yet again ringing up now apparently im in a line for refunds.. And it’ll be a couple off weeks!! What the hell is going on?? It’s beyond a joke and these people should be sent to the authorities

  • barry

    All you need to do is copy and paste the email add, I got an email back to say the money would be sent by cheque within the next 30 days although the woman on the phone said it would be more like 2 weeks. Just need to wait and see.

    • Berty McJock

      don’t wait…i’ve been waiting four months, despite it apparently having already been refunded twice (obviously it wasn’t and i was lied to)….for more on this see:

      and SEVERAL listings on

      and don’t believe what they say about the OFT advising they have 6 months to honour refunds. they state in writing on their website they will refund within 30 days, for them to have taken money means you agreed to this with an e-signature. it becomes a legally binding contract, and overrules OFT “advice”. also, the OFT themselves say any complaints should be lodged WITHIN 6 months, crucially, BEFORE merrywoods claim of having 6 months to act.

  • joshdave

    the same thing has happened to me, the woman on the phone was incredibly rude and actually put the phone down on me, i called back and found out they say that they are a broker and charge that fee for giving you an account and if you want your money back email them or send it in a letter, the email on the page doesnt work so tomorrow im back on the phone to see what i can do, this company is a scam

  • barry

    Same thing has happened to me also, did any off you guys have any joy getting your money back?

  • Paul Krisman

    Merrywood Loan Explorer UK are con artists. I also have had £69.95 debited from my account on 13th February 2013. I have spoken with my the HSBC Fraud Department who have suggested I make contact with them first and if I get no positive response, then they will step in.

    My partner is also a Police Officer with Surrey Police who will be liaising with West Sussex Police to look into this company further.

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