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Raspberry Ultra Drops – Fox News Scam Page

Written by Steve Rhode

WARNING: Emails are going out that contain links that lead to You can see a copy of that page below.

It is a scam site and the Federal Trade Commission has previously shutdown other companies making similar claims about similar products using fake news sites.

This site uses Fox News, Dr. Oz, Los Angles Times, ABC News, and HuffPost to try to add some credibility to the sale of this product. But you have to ask yourself why any product founded in success would stoop to such deception to try and sell it’s product.

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It also uses a video that is the only video uploaded by YouTube user sinionymous that lists their location as China.

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 10.21.43 AM

The domain name appears to have been registered on February 8, 2013, through the Ukraine but lists the owner at an apparent fake address as:

Edward Johnson [email protected]
top ave 19-06
los angeles, 12345

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The site sits on a server in the Czech Republic.

The following domain names are also hosted on the same server with this scam site.

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