Real Estate Law Center & Chad Pratt Still Sending Mass Joinder Offers

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me a copy of a mass joinder mailer they just recently received.

The mailer looks familiar to the Form 1012-R and Form H-118 advertising mailers that were sent over the past few years in an effort to sell consumers mortgage relief services.

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As you can see below, the form looks official and appears to be a litigation notification. It states it was sent by:

Real Estate Law Center at 30 N Raymond Ave, #PH, Pasadena, CA 91130. it also states the attorney responsible for this mailer is Chad Pratt.

The mailer makes the claims of these possible outcomes:

  • Seeking MONETARY damages per individual
  • Going after your Fraudulent Mortgage Note
  • Multiple Claims of Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Interest Rate Reduction
  • Forgiveness of Past Due Payments
  • Principal Balance Reduction
  • Foreclosure Defense to Help Postpone Sale Dates and Keep You in Your Home

It isn’t until you look very carefully at the mailer that it becomes clear the results above are not “a guarantee or prediction of the result.” Additionally it does not say it will cancel the foreclosure but will hope to postpone the sale date.

Any consumer considering using fee based mortgage relief services should first become familiar with the Federal Trade Commission advice regarding the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule.

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