Federal Student Aid Relief – Consumer Complaint – February 25, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I was told they could lower my student loan rates and cut my loan almost in half.

They said the fee was six hundred and I could use a payment schedule.

I told them that the loan was in default.

My husband had been out of work for a short while, but his income was very low. I have been trying to pay all of our bills by myself. He said no problem it would all be resolved quickly. This was about three months ago.

Two days ago I received a letter from my company stating that my wages were going to be garnished for student loans. First I was afraid I had misunderstood or forgotten something so I reread my emails. I was assured that everything was handled.

I called immediately and was informed they were working as fast as they could, but looked like I was going to be forced to enter a program with Windham Professionals and make one or two payments of a nine month program in order to avoid garnishment. What!?!

The company that is about to garnish my pay is Windham Professionals wage withholds department 380 main st PO box 1048 Salem, NH 1-877-726-0060 ext 2363

The loan was NSLP and my total after collection fees totals 32,765.79. My initial dealings were with Rick, but it was Paul that I spoke with today and informed me that they had several cases that were with Windham and that he had informed them all that the only way to avoid garnishment was to ember the repayment agreement to buy time until the government approved the reduced monthly note.

Consumer Action Taken:

Tried to call back to cancel services and request a refund for services not rendered, but got voicemail and no return call yet. So far I’ve paid about 400 off the 600 fee.

Date This Problem Happened: February 25, 2013

State You Live in: Louisiana

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Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $400

Company Name: Federal Student Aid Relief

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: federalstudentaidrelief.com

Additional Documentation

Welcome to Federal Student Aid Relief,

We have helped thousands of people with student loan issues.

Your agreement from Docusign will arrive shortly. The header on the email will read, ‘Your Agent at Docusign’.

Docusign will open up electronically on a computer or mobile on the Apple Iphone platform. If you are using the Android operating system, you will need to access a computer or an Apple system.

Simply click open the agreement, click through, and sign the three signature locations electronically.

Please add the Credit or Debit Card of your choice for your future processing option.

When you click the last signature location, the document will automatically come back to us at FSAR.

If you have any questions, please call me back at 888-205-3616 ext. 102.

The most important thing is to return the document so we can go to work for you. We have a flexible payment philosophy. Don’t let the fee prevent you from protecting yourself from more serious problems. We work with you. 🙂


888-205-3616 Extension 102

If you feel you’ve been financially hurt by a debt relief company and deserve a refund, read these step-by-step instructions on how to proceed to attempt to get your money back.

If you do get your money back, come back and leave a comment about it. I’d love to praise companies that step-up and do the right thing for people.

Scam reports are submitted by consumers like you. If you would like to file a scam report, please click here.

If you are the company named in this report and you want to respond, please read How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose

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2 thoughts on “Federal Student Aid Relief – Consumer Complaint – February 25, 2013”

  1. National Student Loan Program is a for profit, private company. The problem is that this company did not recognize it as such. There is no such thing as an NSLP federal loan. Although they have a very deceptive name as well. Look into CUStudentloans.org for nonprofit consolidation options after you get out of garnishment. Good luck –

    • So basically you should get a full refund because these geniuses couldn’t figure out that “NSLP” was a private loan and cannot be included in the federal loan programs. That’s their mistake and they should refund you 100%.


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