Student Loan Assistance Report Out. Shows Danger of Such Programs.

The National Consumer Law Center has just released their latest report. This one is all about student loan assistance programs. While I have been reporting about this new debt relief solution, the NCLC report goes into more detail. I was happy to see they referenced a number of the articles I’ve written in the footnotes. … Read more

Federal Student Aid Relief – Consumer Complaint – March 18, 2013

Consumer Statement: I was a victim of scam. I was told by Rick that he is a debt consolidate counselor and here to help me consolidate my student loan. He has a power to stop wage garnisent, stop tax refund offset, and since my salary is under $23000 annually family of four, I do not … Read more

Federal Student Aid Relief – Consumer Complaint – February 25, 2013

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I was told they could lower my student loan rates and cut my loan almost in half. They said the fee was six hundred and I could use a payment schedule. I told them that the loan was in default. My husband had been out of work for a short while, but his … Read more

Federal Student Aid Relief Website Generates Legitimate Concerns

A reader wanted to know more about a company called Federal Student Aid Relief that operates a website (FederalStudentAidRelief.com) with a picture of a capitol building on the site. The reader claims they did a bit of secret shopping as well and said, “When I called them I got a guy with a heavy New … Read more