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“Dear Steve,

Filed chapter 7 & was discharged. This was all due to credit cards (alot from medical bills). My attorney said I might as well give the house to the bank also. He said it would not hurt the credit card debt that much at that point. I had met someone anyway & was planning to move. I helped the bank by giving them the name of someone who wanted to buy the condo. Attorney said it could take 2 yrs, not necessarily 10, if I establish good credit. I received my credit report & 3 scores. Because of my excellent payment history, my scores are…..696, 668, & 728.

Obviously I can’t establish more credit because I do not pay on housing, rent etc. Only rent to my finance & other household responsibilities, which don’t count to them. Attorney had said to just apply for 1 card & pay off each mo. of course. But can’t seem to find a card who will accept me. Did I miss any company who will?


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Dear Patti,

No problem. It’s easy to build great credit after bankruptcy. Just follow my guide How to Easily Rebuild and Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Repossession.

That will do the trick for you.

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