CareOne / Persels and Associates – Consumer Complaint – March 7, 2013

Consumer Statement:

For the past six months I have worked for Careone and Persels and Associates.

Recently I left the company due to a lack of trust in the company and the product they offer. I was a customer service rep in the debt settlment program.

I wanted to bring to your attention one of the things Persels does to its clients. I have noticed that with clients who have no continguency fees left on their program Persels will not get Careone Negotiators to work on the clients debt at all.

This is consistent with every client i have seen. The exceptions are as followed: They have a court case against them from one of their creditors, They have called in many times asking why there hasnt been any progress on thier account and then the atty representing them needs to put in a task to try and stir the pot with our negotiation team to basically make them work on the clients accounts.

I have seen at least 100 plus clients in our program who because they have paid all of thier fees to our company no longer have anyone work on thier accounts this can go on for a year plus!!!!

Due to the contract i signed with the company i am not aloud to take a log of clients names who have had this problem.

The worst part about all of this is that many of our clients had enough in thier escrow accounts to finish off creditors to pay them in full!! or even to complete the program all together!!!!!!!!!

For instance lets say a client pays 500 a month into the program and has three creditors remaining on the program for a total of 6k preplan debt….the client could have 8k in escrow and the system will show that the client hasnt had an offer to his or her creditors in 16 months.

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I had a buddy in negotiations dept who told me he cant make offers on an account that no longer has continguency fees…the clients are not aware of this and I felt like i had to tiptoe around this. The company just wanted more money in the bank! Well, thats what it s eemed like, anyway!

Consumer Action Taken:

I have contacted my manager and other employees about this issue and they have all pretended like they can not do anything about this.

Other then going to Bernie Dancel himself which i would never do, there wasnt much else I could do. So I left the company when rumors spread that many of the managers were looking for other jobs because of speculation of the company going under.

They have decided to cut the hours of operation from 8am-11pm m-f and saturdays from 9-6 to just monday thru friday from 9 to 9.

Date This Problem Happened: March 7, 2013

State You Live in: Maryland

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 21-35

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Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: CareOne / Persels and Associates

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: careonecredit.com

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