How Do I Get Out of My DirectBuy Contract. I’m in a Financial Hardship.

“Dear Steve,

Some time ago you wrote to Rosie about Direct Buy. I am in a very similar boat. Fell into financial hardship and can no longer pay this. I found out that they don’t report to the bureau, but after reading this they will send you to collections.

Could you expound on exactly what should be listed in the complaint letter to the Attorney General?”

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A complaint letter is less formal than you might imagine. Basically, you want to clearly state your complaint or issue and then provide as much supporting documentation and a description of what you have tried so far and what end result you want to achieve.

While this step-by-step guide is written for people with debt relief company problems, the majority of it applies to any complaint process. The guide will give you additional place to file your complaint and links to places you can file it online.

The DirectBuy “trap” seems to be nasty. What I hear from people is they signed for a membership or services and either never took advantage of them or found themselves unable to continue to pay for them. In some cases the sales representatives said they could not cancel, which appeared true, and in others there was no meaningful help given by DirectBuy.

The best advice I can give you as you begin this complaint journey is that it is going to be slow and a pain in the butt, but if you want the best shot at getting out of the agreement then follow the entire process through. I can all but guarantee you this is not going to be resolved with just one, or even ten complaints.

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