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“Dear Steve,

I have a relative that added my name to their credit card as an authorized person who can sign. The card is not in my name, no credit check was run, I am only listed as an authorized person who can sign if need be. However, I have now noticed that the credit card company has reported this card information to my credit report.

Is that legal? Can they do that? The card payments are being made as agreed, however, it doesn’t seem fair that they report this on my report when I wasn’t even authorized for anything more than to be an additional signer, and I haven’t even done that.


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Dear Kelly,

It should appear on your credit report and show you are an A, authorized user. This indicates you can use the card but are not financially responsible for the card.

It is a factual statement.

If you don’t want it to appear then have yourself removed as an authorized user.

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