My Ex-Husband Was Supposed to Pay Some Debts But They Are Coming After Me. – Kate

“Dear Steve,

I went through a divorce in which I cold not get my name off of the mortgage. My ex husband said he wanted to continue living in our house, so I moved out. Several years later, he let the house go ino foreclosure. I was so upset and disgusted over this that I stopped paying back other bills too. (most of my credit card debt was accumulated when we were married–wedding, honeymoon, furniture, etc…)

I am now being taken to court by a creditor I owe about $3,000 dollars. I have the money, but… I am so concerned that my credit score is forever doomed, so I would rather save the little bit of money I have. I know, crazy and irresponsible, but I am bitter that my ex filed for bankruptcy so he’s not paying back any of this. The house is under water big time, so I don’t want it.

What should I do? Can my wages be garnished? Can I file for bankruptcy? (I live in MD and make $65,000/yr)



Dear Kate,

So the current debt you are being sued for is not the only looming debt.

I’m going to be blunt and to the point. You most likely need to file bankruptcy to deal with the old debt that is rolling downhill towards you before it all hits you and crushes you.

It is not uncommon for a divorce to be followed with a bankruptcy. You take a two income household and divide it into two households, the math just does not work most of the time.

Your credit score is really only doomed if you don’t start accepting responsibility for the situation and taking action.

What will surprise you the most about the bankruptcy experience is how quickly it will right your sinking ship and how it does not have to destroy your credit.

Do not avoid bankruptcy over assumptions and worries. Get the facts.

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You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them for free about your specific situation. Get the facts and then you can make an informed and educated decision if bankruptcy is right for you.

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