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Fantasia Barrino’s Home in Foreclosure. American Idol Winner.

Just the other day I was writing about the pending foreclosure of an Extreme Makeover home and now, the imminent sale at public auction of the home of Fantasia Barrino, the winner of the popular American Idol television show.

Apparently Fantasia is really singing the blues these days but I’m confident that the experience, in hindsight, will give her some gret material to use to write some heartbreaking songs of loss.

I can see some potential new titles:

  • Oh Crap I lost the House
  • The Auctioneer Hammer Swings Low
  • Nothing Sucks Like Success
  • The Higher I Climbed The Further I Fell
  • My Personal Life Became Public News. I’m Still Famous

The loss of yet another home in this wave of traumatic foreclosure is sad but highlighting cases like this one do help other people, less famous, to know they are not alone. I wish I had an opportunity to sit down with Ms. Barrino and talk with her about the issues that so suddenly lead to the loss of a home she only purchased last year.

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