The Auction House Says They Will Hold Our Car for Two Days. Can They Do That? – Lorrie

“Dear Steve,

Car was repo’d two weeks ago, owed just over $1000 to pay of our six year loan. Was not informed that the car was going to be taken until after it was gone. Paid off the amount plus fees, we now owe $0. The car was being held at an auction place the papers from the finance company said that we had to wait 24 hours after they received our cashiers check. Called the company to pick up car and they said they got a release from the finance company but they wont release the vehicle to us until the earliest Wednesday (two days from now).

Does the auction place have legal right to hold our vehicle for a number of days when it is 100% paid off… and we own the vehicle?


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Dear Lorrie,

I would think that a situation like this requires the parties to follow whatever internal procedures they have. And it sounds like that is what the auction company is doing.

It sounds inconvenient but not catastrophic. Of course I have to state the obvious, the best way to avoid it would have been to make sure your payment was not late. I assume that’s why your car was snatched.

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